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After living and doing business in Panama for over a decade, I have realized that SOMEONE needs to write the bloody truth about Panama.  Panama is such a mysterious place that many in the world have heard of, but few have any idea where it is located geographically with any precision.

I have read most of the significant books on Panama.  Most of them are “guide books” while others are simply meant to hawk services or products related to living or working in Panama.  I have never read a book that closely reflects having the same experiences with Panama that I have had this past decade.  The best overall book on Panama history I have read is “Path Between the Seas” by David McCulloch in my opinion.  This is not meant to be that or even compare.

Having lived a total of 16 years in Latin America, and being not only bi-lingual, but “bi-cultural” as well…I think this book could become a layman’s “greatest hits” for those seeking to simply understand the basics of living or working in the Republic of Panama.

I will strive to keep the content objective yet interesting.  I am not trying to be sensational.  I simply want to record before they slip from memory my many experiences from this past decade in Panama. In some cases where it is important to do so, I will use real names of people I have known and places I have been.  In other cases, I may use aliases or initials for people whose behavior I want to expose and yet not put them in the cross hairs of personal disrepute simply because of my experiences or because of hearsay.  There is much hearsay in Panama taken as fact, and I want to be careful to tell you when something is absolutely true from experience, or is second hand but from reliable confirmed sources.  I reserve the right to “out” names and businesses to individual readers who have a good reason to request the details…either to save them from harm or repeating mistakes I have made in this decade. I am open to these questions about details or sources via email…but only to people I can verify have purchased the book or chapters.

Finally, I invite you to help me finish this book.  Because of the momentous events these past weeks of the Mossack & Fonseca spilling of millions of documents related to offshore accounts, corporations and foundations in Panama…I am going to release this book chapter by completed chapter in digital format only for now. I feel compelled to get my perspectives under consideration as soon as possible because so much of what I see in the press or digital media is dead wrong in its facts, opinions, or incompleteness of research. I retain the right to update, edit or expand on chapters in the future based on questions or information initial readers may send to me.  So please, feel free to be a part of my “editing team” and share with me your questions or suggestions as you read this digital version or specific chapters of “The Bloody Truth about Panama”.

EJ Rolfstad

April 2016


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