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bloody truth on panama

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(Pre-order price of $19.95 for a limited time only includes free download of the current book “The Truth about the Panama Papers”)

Beginning in July we will begin releasing chapter by chapter the new digital book “The Bloody Truth about Living and Working in Panama”.  For those who pre-order the book, we are including the newly released work “The Truth about the Panama Papers” which is a must read for anyone wanting the full picture on what the issues are around these events. There is so much mis-information on this we feel compelled to publish this prologue booklet first.

You will receive each chapter as it is released and a full final copy when completed.  We are hoping some of our early readers will actually be able to interact and contribute content to this exciting exhaustive work on living and working in Panama. Here is a list of coming chapters…

Intro: The “Panama Papers”
Panama History Brief
 The truth about the Panamanian Culture and People
Profile of the Panamanian people
The truth about tourism in Panama
The truth about Real Estate
The truth about Immigration and Retirement in Panama
The truth about Corporations and Foundations
The truth about doing business
The truth about food and beverages
The truth about indigenous cultures of Panama
The truth about the oligarchy
The truth about the Government
The truth about Justice and the legal system in Panama
The truth about the media
The truth about the arts, music and dance
The truth about gaming and casinos in Panama
The truth about vices, prostitution and single travelers
The truth about where to go and how to get around
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