Welcome to the new website of EJ Rolfstad publishing.  We will bring you the very best media coverage and writings regarding international living, globalization and world events…and the hottest topic of recent times, “the Panama Papers”.  We strive to provide independent, verifiable information on what is really happening in the world behind the smoke and mirrors of corporate and government controlled medias that no longer maintain journalistic integrity.

EJ Rolfstad stands for independence, freedom of the press, secular and scientific approaches to understanding the world we live in and examining the leaders and their institutions that influence the outcomes of our daily lives.

In his writings and research, EJ represents 5 decades of pursuing truth and objectivity through experiencing the world as a “global citizen”.  Widely traveled and having more than 16 years living as an ex-patriot, he is probably most critical of his country of origin, the USA.  What patriot would NOT be critical is his premise. “To make something better, we must not accept its current form” is one of his principles.

Having just spent 10 years in Panama living and working, EJ now offers unique perspective on the latest global fiasco called the “Panama Papers”.  The reality of this breaking story is much deeper and complicated than the normal press coverage is admitting.  The eminent publishing of EJ’s book “The Bloody Truth about Living and Working in Panama” will help bring clarity and truth to this particular sensational story.

This site will offer ideas and share experiences that can help anyone know “objective truth” regarding offshore living, personal sovereignty, and how to live independently of the institutions that currently clutter and suppress individuality in this age of globalization.

“To thine own self be true…”


(Pre-order price of $19.95 for a limited time only includes free download of the current book “The Truth about the Panama Papers”)

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