The Last Great Hoax

The world is plodding along toward social and economic destruction at the behest of the greatest global hoax in the history of mankind. And no, it’s not “climate change” this time.

The scenario…very basically…is that “somehow” a pandemic virus was released near Wujan, China. Many prominent immunologists and virologists have claimed this was humanly concocted in one of two labs there, then “somehow” released upon the general population.

As the virus spread rapidly throughout the Wujan population, Chinese doctors started sharing the truth about the spread of this new strain of Coronavirus (of which there have been many for decades) and the Chinese government quickly and cleanly made many of these doctor’s reports disappear and many of the doctors themselves “disappeared” from public view or discourse. The Communist government of China then downplayed the obvious spread. International travel was encouraged and continued for many weeks and months spreading the virus throughout the globe. Currently, China is one of the few countries in the world in full production of medical supplies and all the other junk they have been making for decades…and we are buying them at inflated prices. The Chinese just love Americans. Are you following so far?

In January of this year, the WHO, CDC, and many other global and USA health organizations reported “everything was under control” and that there was little to fear from this virus.  The WHO’s Dr Fauci became the voice and confidant to the USA President on predictions and reactions of the government to the spreading virus.  Finally in late January, President Trump stopped international travel to the USA from China as did other western countries AGAINST the advise of Dr Fauci.  Alas, it was too late and the COVID19 daily reporting and shutdown of the world began in response to the fear and rising death counts internationally. Suddenly, you heard very little news about the issues of the upcoming elections, the status of the markets,  “Russiagate”, the immigration crisis, or our wars in Syria, Afghanistan, etc. Everything for three months has been 95% about the virus and what Dr Fauci and the WHO or CDC , President Trump, or Bill Gates have to say about our reactions to it.

Since February most governments of the world have closed or controlled their borders and forced their citizens and visitors alike to quarantine at home. All but essential businesses and professions (as defined by “them”) have come to a standstill.  Testing capacity has been very slow to roll out (on purpose?) so that death tolls can appear higher than they really are in relation to those infected. The quarantines have forced the contaminated and non-contaminated to shelter together in small quarters and not even allowed outdoors for fresh air and exercise…while exercise and fresh air has been promoted as the best way to build immunity and resistance to this and every other virus. How convenient.

In addition, since most of the deaths were of elderly populations who already have health conditions and lower immunity, they have been locked up in elder care institutions with their non-family care-givers…many of whom have been carriers of the virus into those institutions. What a convenient form of euthanasia without calling it so.

Meanwhile, Americans and other foreign citizens in their countries have been forced to stop working, traveling, or communicating in person. The totalitarian powers that be… both federal, state and local…have had a field day determining new regulations and controls on the masses.  Until recently, they had those masses sufficiently scared to where they foolishly believed these powers and obeyed. Now that the data most everywhere has revealed that the fear and spread were way overblown…these powers are still holding on as long as possible to controlling behavior by divide and conquer. They have half the people believing they are saving their lives via forced adoption of masks and “social distancing”…while the other half have seen through the misrepresented data and now know that natural herd  immunization is the only true hope to overcome this new plague on humanity.

What the governments have done in shutting down the world is the exact opposite of what should have happened. Sure, instruct people to do what they all should have known to do already.  Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home if you are sick. Hasn’t this always been the common sense thing during flu and cold seasons worldwide?  But somehow this time the powers that be have determined that we cannot make our own decisions nor be allowed to expose ourselves to this virus.  Most immunologists have said that shutting down has only prolonged the natural response to the virus, so the future waves of exposure and illness will continue…maybe for years to come. Is that an acceptable result of these tyrannical shutdowns by governments world over?

Now, what we find REALLY suspect are the global elitists in WHO, CDC, and the billionaires behind them such as Bill Gates who are promoting that these controls will not be over until EVERYONE is innoculated with some future “anti-virus”. “They” are working on the antivirus and have plans to prohibit freedom of movement or association to anyone who does not accept or choose the antivirus they say is coming. For all we know “they” already have this ready, but are just waiting for the spread, fear, and death rates to go higher so they have less resistance to this absolute power play. Thereafter, you may not be able to fly or take any public transportation without proving you were innoculated.  How convenient.

Sadly, what this pandemic has revealed is just how easy it is to control the uneducated masses who have no understanding of freedom and liberty.  Over a century of socialism in the USA has trained even that last bastion of independence and liberty to embrace controls of big government, big pharma, and the military and police states behind all of that. It is not difficult to connect this global event to 9/11, the oil prices crashing, and the FED manipulation of the global defacto currency, the US dollar, to realize they are probably all connected to restart the global economy as we know it.  Won’t it be wonderful when all debt is forgiven…by countries or individuals…and the government just pays everything for everybody going forward?

Add to that the participation and controls of social media, the main news channels on TV,  all spouting the doom and gloom of this pandemic…and you have the perfect storm of taking over the sovereign countries and individuals of the world with these global decrees and limitations of freedom. PERFECT! The communist/socialists of the world have taken over without firing a shot from a lethal weapon. This has been pure and simple biological warfare, and most of you haven’t even recognized it yet.

Now that all the data has leveled off in the hotspot areas…you now hear of the coming future waves of the pandemic.  That means that most small countries in Latin America are decreeing to stay shut off from international travel.  They are holding their citizens hostage inside their homes for at least another month!  Why is that?  “Oh, we have to keep our people safe”.

While a majority of individuals are just “going along to get along”,  a few of us with clearer minds and stronger wills are starting to speak up and act out.  The longer this goes on, the more you will see social unrest.  Unfortunately, it will still be a minority who claim their freedoms and human rights.  A majority will support the “protections” and “handouts” from their governments so they dont have to work or worry about paying their bills.  Again, another perfect opportunity for absolute socialism to rule the world. Make everyone feel safe and that they don’t have to pay bills or work for a living…and they will follow your every edict. Any historian knows where that all leads…but the futurists are the ones who REALLY know that this will be absolute controls of the world with very little resistance.  Everyone will be conditioned to stay home on their computers and phones while leaving the “fight against the virus” to those government leaders who must really know what they are doing.

We have long figured this global tyranny against sovereignty and individuals would come one day. We just never suspected it could be done with one complex virus released upon the globe and a complete shut down of world systems within 3 months.  Astounding and alarming to realize.

What can we do about it? Well, unfortunately the few of us who see this hoax for what it is are probably going to be forced underground.  Social media companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc are already silencing our comments and voices. The big data institutions like the NSA in the USA and elsewhere already have the capability to track your every conversation or text.  The USA government has been renewing and upgrading the (Un)Patriot Act every year for 20 years which has taken away most of our most fundamental constitutional rights in America. It is now every man, woman, and child for themselves to try and recuperate their individual sovereignty, assets protections, freedoms, and privacy.

Mark our words…when you see all these governments together prohibit choice on whether you take their vaccine(s) or not if you want freedom of movement or participation in society…that will be the final nail on the coffin of freedom and personal choice.  Get ready.  Make your plan.  That day is coming…and it will be based on a complete, global, silent HOAX!

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