Pandemic Intended Consequences

What we have long been calling “unintended consequences” of global quarantines and marshall law from governments around the globe in reaction to the COVID virus may NOT be so unintended after all.

As we get more data and start tracking and remember the various statements recorded from international leaders both scientific and political, we start seeing an interesting pattern of fear mongering and hype of questionable “models” that come from some of these global organizations such as WHO, CDC and many others. Who and what are we to believe anymore?

If you listen to global elitests such as Bill Gates and the various scientists and health organizations he funds, one could easily believe that this pandemic will probably go for more than a year or two until “they” can come up with a vaccine that will make everyone safe again to come out of their homes and back to a productive life. Somehow we have believed in their predicted huge numbers of infections and mortality rates while the real statistics we have so far don’t get anywhere near their prognostications.  Why should we believe or follow them any further?  How is it they can get politicos and governments to so easily force citizens to huddle in fear at home while “they” continue to move and jet around doing “their job”?

As we have been documenting for years, these global elitists and their various corporations and foundations have been buying and manipulating science for decades now. From “global warming”, to animal rights, to predicting these pandemics; they have been taking control of politicos and medias for a long time now. We are now seeing this more starkly than ever before and “they” have successfully in just a few short weeks shut down the global economy as we knew it, and many of us believe it will never be the same.  So, lets spend a few minutes hypothesizing on what the results will be  and the reasons why by looking at the winners and losers of this global economic shutdown.


  • The current losers are obviously and primarily the thousands who have lost their lives due to the propogation of this unique virus
  • The losers are also all the medical and healthcare workers who are on the front lines of fighting this virus, many of them underprotected and underequipped while doing their jobs.
  • The losers are all types of small businesses and their owners who have been deemed “non-essential” by their government overlords.
  • The losers are regular employees and contractors of these “non-essential” businesses who have been laid off or completely fired since there is no more money to pay them. Many of them will never return to that job.
  • The losers are local social funds and support organizations who have been quickly overrun by the demands for funds and services
  • Finally, the losers are all liberty and sovereignty minded global citizens who thought they had rights of assembly, free speech, and movement.  Politicos from the highest to lowest government levels have taken over and most are using tyraneous tactics to control anyone who does not bow to their decrees.


  • The primary winners are the tyrants of the world who have successfully forced the submission of a large majority of the world’s masses to their wishes of subjugation to homestays and total focus on “health issues”. Meanwhile there is little or no news of all the global wars and devastation brought by their invasions or controlling of the world’s resources for their own selfish purposes.
  • The winners are the Chinese Communist Party who have further solidified their grip on secuestering and controlling their 1.5 Billion people and eliminating all negative information that might get out on the origins of this strange virus which everyone knows started in the Wujan region. Mysteriously it did not spread significantly to other major population centers in China which continue to be in full production while raising prices on masks and other cheap goods they produce that the western world has become totally reliant on to meet the demand. They are laughing all the way to the world bank and closer to global domination. Even a large percentage of Americans now support socialist or communist measures to “redistribute” wealth in America.
  • The winners are global and governmental organizations such as the WHO, CDC, IMF, the World Bank and others who are controlling the politicos in most of the 193 countries of the world recognized as United Nations members. Money always controls politicos.
  • The winners are the media, from global to local, who now have a much bigger capture of an audience since a majority of people are huddled at home in fear of death or of being arrested for defying the controls forced upon them. Most people are addicted to their TVs, internet and other media that continues to program on what and how to think about the virus.
  • The bottom line winners are absolute authoritarians in all these governments who are totally intoxicated by the control and influence they now have over the sheeple under them.

We will soon publish our futurist predictions on where this is going and why.  Life and economics will never return to how it was before.  Millions of jobs will never return nor will many of the businesses that provided them.  Corporatists and their governments will exert more and more control over the freedoms their constituents used to have.

Ben Franklin’s old quote has finally come to roost…

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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