9/11: Time To Free Our True Patriots

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For years now we have been following the publishing of Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange.  Now we find ourselves focused and remaining vigilant on Assange’ political persecution and criminal charges. We highly believe his criminality and case rests on a judgement between “freedom of the press” vs “freedom of governmental tyranny”.

We already have dismissed any validity to the trumped up charges against Assange in Sweden of supposed “rape” or sexual harassment.  All those charges were mysteriously dropped after a few years when they finally believed, rightly so, that they had Julian trapped and cornered in London, England inside the Ecuadorian embassy.  Then the new Ecuadorian president played politics and turned Assange over to the UK government for obvious political reasons.  Since then Julian has been held in a maximum security prison in London without a trial or due process of law. This is obvious political persecution controlled by the dark forces of global governance designed to silence and make an example of Assange as a “whistle-blower”. Global media, supported by these dark powers, have successfully painted Assange as the “bad guy” and “unpatriotic” for lifting the veil from so many sealed documents and events that our governments do not want us to know about.

With the growing movement worldwide against autocracy and tyranny, we believe it is time for the masses all over the world to rise up against this persecution of Julian Assange. The governments involved in all the cover ups obviously do not want an open court process on the vague and supercilious charges against this man and his freedom. Anyone who truly believes in liberty, justice, and personal sovereignty should not stand by idly while this persecution is happening.  If we don’t step in soon, Julian could meet a fate very similar to the late Jeffrey Epstein…but in this case Julian would be a totally innocent man. But the same powers that we believe took out Epstein are coming after Julian as well. His proofs on them is not just about pedophilia, but all sorts of crimes committed in the name of power, money, and cultural warfare.

Additional players in this whistle-blowers drama should also be supported and set free. Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden have also sacrificed their freedoms in order to expose the evils of our current states throughout the world.  These governments are purporting “espionage”, sedition, and treason against these global citizens simply for the action of outing the evils of  our power-hungry and hegemonic political leaders.  Meanwhile, the named conspirators these heroes have uncovered are the ones who should be incarcerated and going through judicial trials…with all the books and documents opened for all to see who the criminals truly are.

As usual, these governments have used the same methods Wikileaks and other patriots are doing to uncover tyranny of government…yet somehow only patriots are guilty when having to resort to stealing hidden data or using media to out these evil politicos.

It seems perfectly fitting for us to post this on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy in New York. Our government has still not given us a reasonable and thorough explanation of why and how that happened. Most rational people know that the government report and spin is impossible to believe, yet the government knows that most of us have no ability to uncover the real culprits or reasons this was perpetuated upon the American people.

Bottom line is, two planes plowing into the high level floors of the twin towers did not cause three buildings to collapse within 2 hours. That should be the first clue that there is much more to the story. We don’t believe this could have happened without complicity of certain powers within our own government. Looking back at what has transpired since then, we can start to connect the dots of what that event was all about. Of course, without more heroes like Assange, Snowden, or Manning coming forward with truth…we will probably not publicly know the real story in our life times. We just hope that someday we will…and this will help people avoid giving such credence and power to “representative government”.

It is time to free Assange and give a heroes parade throughout the country for him, Manning, and Snowden. “Give us liberty, or give us death”…but in the end, let truth reign…no matter how ugly it is.


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