Title X, Abortion, and Governance

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With all the hoopla regarding Planned Parenthood not getting federal funding anymore, we have to wonder what took so long for this situation to be corrected?

It was very clear from the beginning in the Title X funding law that “Title X grantees and sub-recipients must be in full compliance with Section 1008 of the Title X statute and 42 CFR 59.5(a)(5), which prohibit abortion as a method of family planning.”  Yet, it seems since the 1970s when the Nixon administration passed this socialistic program funded by taxpayers, Planned Parenthood and others have received mega-millions from taxpayers and then promoted their relatively free services of abortions for the masses.

Our argument against this isn’t about being pro or con abortion.  We continue to believe abortion is a personal decision based on the couple conceiving a life. It should not be a governmental decision influenced by religions or philosophy.  Individual sovereignty should reign on this issue. People should take personal responsibility for their sex lives and the choice of whether to procreate or not.

We believe that most “Pro-life” people have good intentions and run on emotions, but it’s hard to imagine the millions of additional problems our country would face if the over 85 million poor and unwanted babies that were aborted had been forced to be born into the ghettos of America. When it costs “someone” over a million dollars to raise a child nowadays…where would all the money come from to support these unwanted pregnancies?  Yep, the public coffers…which are already over $22 Trillion in debt in the USA alone.

“Sanctity of Life” is a religious concept.  The reality of life is a Darwinian one. While it is understandable to follow our hearts and emotions in desiring to see all these babies born with all their cuteness and supposed future potential, the reality is that most of them would be born into lives of systemic slavery or dependents of the socialist state.  How moral is THAT proposition?

As our globe continues to be overrun by poor, uneducated, and/or religious people bearing most of the children into this broken world…it only adds to the implosion of societies and cultures worldwide. Over-population leads to more war and bloodshed as competition for limited food, water, and other resources continue to diminish under the undaunted demands on the earth’s resources. This alone will lead to the next global “flood of destruction” bigger than the “Noahs Ark” analogy of old…only this time it will probably be a nuclear or hydrogen flood of fire that takes out the unwanted or unproductive billions with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

While any normal person delights at the occasional cuteness of babies…we certainly don’t need any more of them, especially under destitute, hopeless living conditions.  If the religious do-gooders want to take care of all the unwanted babies…let them. Obviously, that is not part of their morality. They just want prohibitions for others based on mystical “sanctity of life”. There is no sanctity for most of those born today. Reality sucks sometimes.

Just say no to public funding of abortions, but yes to the personal choice of not bringing another child into this dark and perilous world.

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