Innovation, not government, is the solution for “Climate Change”…

Amidst all the monotonous din of vacuous politicians speaking of their unsubstantiated plans to “stop climate change”, we have a few sane voices to listen to on the subject.

Most every practical person realizes the climate is changing…and always has in varying degrees over millions of years.  It also is not a far stretch to realize, with or without scientific proofs, that human contamination of the environment is probably having an effect on how the climate acts/reacts to environmental stimuli.

The primary problem with the debate on Climate Change is what solutions are being recommended and who is responsible to push them forward. Many of us understand that “governance” is not key to the solution.   Innovation comes from investment which is driven by markets and business planning. Most governments are the antithesis of unencumbered markets and business. While its all very nice that so many politicos want to “fix climate change”, most rational people realize THEY cannot and will not develop the alternatives.  Business and markets will based on the will and interest of “the people”.  Its fine to have politicos in on the conversation, but we have to stop seeing them as answers to the issue. Governments don’t produce…they consume the productivity of others whether it be individuals or corporations.

We would rather hear from people like Bjørn Lomborg in the video above who have balance on the issue, focus on objective science, and want to see us stop wasting huge funds on government programs that will not work.  The true innovation should come for the right reasons…not coercion at the end of a gun barrel or political regulation.

It is more likely we will have more success adapting to climate change than controlling it. These adaptions include applying “know-how and technology…to build dikes, surge barriers and dams, expand beaches and construct dunes, make ecosystem-based barriers like mangrove buffers, improve building codes and construction techniques, and use land planning and hazard mapping to minimize flooding.”

Moneys flowing through governmental redistributors never comes out whole on the other end. Governments are the worst non-profits in the world for keeping costs down and productivity up.  Business is more innovative than governments, primarily because of the drive for profits and competition. Governments are about controls and regulations…which are the antithesis of progress and productivity.  Governments controlling funds and industries has never been a good move…and they will never be the answer to “climate change”. To that end, we work against global taxation that so many of these countries want to leverage based on the big scare of “climate change”. Let private industry and independent science bring rational solutions to the issue with ENCOURAGEMENT from governments, but no direct investment of public monies managed ineffectually.

Bottom line is we all want to see improvements to our environment, lower levels of pollution, and cheaper more efficient forms of energy.  If governments will get out of the way of true innovators and investors…free markets will be key to lifting people out of poverty, raise the education levels of all, which will then fundamentally change the actions and behaviors of billions of people who at the end of the day are responsible one by one for how we treat the environment. This will also greatly increase non-government jobs in this sector around the globe…when government gets out of the way.


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