Brexit, Markets and Co-dependency

Seems to us the Brexit issue has turned into a simple question of chosing co-dependency or independence.  The Euro system started as a “romantic” relationship solution between states to ward off perceived threats of Russia and other aggressive allianzas in the world by grouping up in a cultural love fest of western civilized states and supposed capitalism. Then the “Union” started sucking the life out of producers to save the hegemonious non-producers…and while the UK liked some of the benefits of the relationship, soon the “fruits” of those relationships were siphoned off in Brussels in a dictatorial manner by overrunning immigration limits and other judicial independence that should have stayed with each state.  Once the dependency of industry on the European Union was established…it was very hard to conceive of “breaking up” and being “self-dependent”. The “children” are afraid, because they no longer know how to make it on their own.
We hate all forms of government meddling in markets and unlimited taxation. We are tired of their manipulation of currencies and markets to cover up their complete ineptitude or ability to budget in reality.  Their only role should be judicially enforcing contracts domestically and globally of their own business and personal entities. How can markets and business function with all these global tyrants controling markets, interest rates and currencies…whether it be the EURO, Chinese, or the Americans trying to dictate terms for global business? If you want co-dependency, let it be between businesses…not governments.
There is no true capitalism or free markets today which in our opinion is the only answer to the huge problems the globe faces.  Its not about supply…we have plenty to go around.  It is about getting rid of the “distributionist” states…the European Union and all other such inhibitors of production and free enterprise.  Lets return to competition and fairness for all…not cronyism, socialism, or corporatism run by politics…which is NOT captialism.

Final thought, the world would be much better off with free trade versus free armaments and forcing trade issues with guns, bombs, and “boots on the ground”.  That is NOT freedom…or capitalism. It is called “totalitarianism”!

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