Socialism, parental rights, and equality in the work place

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We receive political messages like the link above quite often. While we can feel for mothers and fathers who have children and struggle to make ends meet or get time off, we also have to remain cognizant of fairness and competition world-wide.

Some things in life just happen and we have no choice but to pay the consequences.  Other things like having children are a personal choice.  Such things are not a “mistake”. Thus, we understand both sides of the abortion debate…those who believe life starts at conception and have strong religious views regarding raising families, and others who apparently have neither belief and don’t want to raise children. We don’t believe this is a decision for governments to make for people and everyone should handle this decision on their own…and without government paying for abortions OR raising unwanted children.  If you have them, you pay for them.  Not the taxpayers or your employer.

Now, when it comes to women’s rights in the job marketplace and their demands for “equality”, things get messy in a hurry. Sure, women should get equal pay for equal work. Benefits should be the same for male or female.  Unfortunately, in this post modern state of feminism Western Civilization is spawning, it is quite impossible to follow the logic of equal rights tied to so many socialist government interventions.

Many women demand “equal” rights, but they don’t recognize when they are walking over the equal rights of others.  Equal rights doesn’t mean everyone deserves equal pay. Just because you or a man decide to have children does not mean we as co-workers should have to cover for your 8-10 weeks of “paid leave”.  Yet, Europe, Canada, and increasingly in the USA, socialist forces are trying to pressure businesses and society overall to pay the cost of these personal decisions at the expense of others.

In the 50s and 60s when we grew up, families raised families.  It was not farmed out to teachers or social workers to monitor and raise children.  It also was not very common for women to get more than 1-2 weeks off for childbearing.  Our mother was one of the first working moms in our neighborhood…and good thing since our father not too long after abandoned the family for a time and we lived on mom’s income for years.  She got no special treatment at work just because she was a single working mom.  Our grandparents did a lot to stand in for the missing father, and we turned out just fine. We never went hungry even though we didn’t have the same stuff as many of our friends from traditional families.

You would think based on our personal experiences we would be the first to support the new socialism in the workplace. We could have a “bleeding heart” for poor and single moms everywhere…and we do.  But, our experience also caused us to grow up more independently and with a sense of accomplishment for overcoming hardship on our own. This is what true freedom, values and integrity are based on.  Self dependency…not dependency or co-dependency on a system.

Increasingly the majority are starting to think that redistribution is “fair” and “humane” and in some communities people think the government should even be responsible for pet care and spend thousands on wasted surgeries and drugs for people’s PETs!  Insane.

A system that pays welfare mothers more per child is simply enabling dependency and encouraging the wrong sector of society to multiply. People who can’t afford to raise babies within a family unit should not be allowed to have them if on welfare. Abortion in these cases is the more rational decision.

Not too many decades ago, there were no such workplace benefits…even healthcare. There was little paid time off except maybe in big companies where a perk was 1-2 weeks vacation per year.  This created an economic boom post World War 2 that has been unequaled since.  Unfortunately, the fatter we Americans got, the lazier we got.  Then started the “welfare programs by government…fathered by F.D Roosevelt following the great depression, but continued by most every administration since, building a huge government that eats up 28% of the GNP to support a growing “welfare state”.  Since governments produce nothing, all revenues they promise have to be taken from someone…persons or corporations. The more we have grown accustomed to these neo-liberal ideals, the faster has been the decline of freedom, sovereignty, and self-determination.  In western countries, we find ourselves economically incarcerated within our states with high world-wide taxes and fewer freedoms to move OUR money anywhere we want in the world.  Our lives are completely overrun by regulations and the abolishing of rights we so long took for granted.

While we understand politicos wanting to grow such dependence on them for votes, our fundamental question is for those individuals who demand that others cover their personal risks and responsibilities. Do you really think Government should pay for anything that happens to you, health-wise or otherwise with no participation from your assets? It appears Government welfare mentality has totally overcome the former tendency to “take care of ourselves”.  It has now evolved to where many people on welfare have nicer cellphones, cars, and more kids to fill them than those of us who work for a living…especially minimum wage earners.  This is just not right and needs to stop.

And finally, those parents who DO work should not demand that their employers or fellow employees have to pay for their personal decisions.  Women who want to get pregnant should not expect their employer to pay for it.  If you want to spend your vacation time recovering from pregnancy (like our mother did), that is your choice, not your employers.  And by the way, employer health plans should not HAVE to cover costs of birth control or abortions even though both costs are better to cover than unwanted pregnancies and costs of child rearing.

And if you feel you need 2-3 months off to bond with your elective child, why should you expect your employer to pay you the same as all your fellow workers when not working?  And why should your fellow workers have to cover for your job (as happens in many productive environments) while you are gone with no share in YOUR pay?  Is that really fair…especially to those who CANNOT have children?

Decades past, logic for increased pay for men used to be that women stayed at home to raise their children while the man worked.  Married men were often paid more than single men by custom. Few people complained about that. Before so much consumerism and high taxation created by the welfare state, families could live off of one salary.  We still have friends and family who choose to stay home to raise their children without any government support or employment.  It is a sacrifice for them, but it is fair that they choose this without expecting their employers or society to pay them to be a mother, or father.

Equal pay for equal work…we are on board.  Unequal pay for unequal work based on personal decisions made will never be rational in our minds simply based on the mentality of modern day feminists.  It is a drain on our businesses, culture, economy, and it is unfair to declare your participation as “equal”.  It is not…at least in the marketplace.

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