Progressive immigration becomes reverse racism against whites

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In this new era of “political correctness”, it appears the media and their minions have their main focus of attention on elevating racism and bigotry throughout all of western culture.

The liberal progressives in Europe have already bought into the guilt trip that the (majority white) west owes something or everything to displaced minorities from other cultures and religions.

It is true many western empires since the days of the “Conquistadores” have trodden roughly over poor, backward continents such as Arabia, Africa, and Latin America in expanding their empires and expropriating minerals and even the people themselves into slavery.  In general, these terrible practices have ceased for over a century even though various countries of the world still have very defined caste systems based on race and religion.  This is something that humanity in general, no matter how much education is available, will continue propagating based on a debased human mentality continually instilled in the newborns of the species.

That being said,  the new “progressive” movement now seems to claim all the world’s ills are a result of racism, bigotry, or elitism. While those attributes still exist, we would argue that more people in the world are moving toward greater secular understanding and tolerance of difference.  Global institutions are increasingly reaching out to the poor and disenfranchised and increasing the fight against tyranny such as we still see in Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Russia, China, etc.  Overall poverty has DECREASED significantly in the world in the last 200 years.  Progress on racial and religious understanding has been made.  Yet, it seems a corrupt media connected to corrupt political agendas are trying to reverse this progress into a reactionary, GLOBAL civil war.

Unfortunately, in the past couple decades, progressive liberalism in Europe and North America has moved in an extreme direction of trying to castigate the former powerful white supremacy of the globe with a pendulum swing to paying penance or reparations to indigenous or former slave families and countries going back for centuries.  Equality is not enough for many of these newly found voices…and now they want to equalize historic tyranny with a right to riches developed by others today.  Socialism is more rampant than ever throughout global institutions based on this pendulum swing and we are seeing a total over-run of free markets and capitalism as the progressives point to those wonderful ideals of capitalism as the “reason” for past devastation of indigenous or slave populations.

We cannot exclaim forcefully enough that imperialism and institutional slavery or racism have never been part of true democracy, capitalism, or free markets.  The major markets of the world have not had true capitalism or freedom of trade for most of the last century and even long before the 1900s commenced.  Liberals who call the USA a capitalist system based on the corporate industrial elite controls on government do not understand true capitalism.

Alas, now that media and our educational systems have made young people believe that these controlled markets and systems equate to “capitalism”, it has now made socialism to be a new darling of young uneducated minds.   Today’s younger people in hordes and based on “institutional learning” are buying into the “free lunch” and “rights to money” that socialism has always purported but never fulfilled.  In their inability to understand historical basics of economic or even physical survival, the young elites of today are being brainwashed to believe that “equality” for all means literal economic equality, free healthcare (oxymoron), and physical security are rights …as in “redistribution” from others more wealthy.

As free-market capitalists, we continue to be perplexed at how quickly a majority of the world is succumbing to the socialist agenda.  How quickly we have seen the devastation of socialist countries such as once-rich Venezuela and the continued destruction of the USA economy and money system with this hogwash of socialism and a welfare state. Everyone is so intent on how they are going to get free stuff through socialist governance, they have spent no time or education on how to make money or success for themselves.  When the majority strive to live off a minority…they will always end up destroying the assets and benefits of ALL.  Bringing everyone economically down to the lowest denominator has never allowed an opportunity for free market capitalism. Socialism only operates successfully (for a time) with total imperial controls such as exhibited by Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, or the “Peoples Republic of China” (PRC) and so many of these socialist or communist “republics” that still operate under dictatorial and military regimes who control everything!  This is NOT freedom.

The bad joke of today is that even the so-called democratic western countries are falling for the false promises of democratic socialism.  Bigger and bigger governments are taking over companies and trade.  Trade agreements are primarily negotiated by politicos, not business people. Governments tell corporations what and where they can operate and sell, what they have to pay in wages, and without notice increase income and sales taxes.  This is not capitalism.

It should be vice versa…governments should be at the service of the people and their corporations.  Yet, this is how political leaders keep control of the world. They group together behind NATO, The World Bank, and various other global institutions to exert their political and economic will over marketers and businesses all over the globe.  As we vote more politicos into power, they increase their controls over our pocketbooks and freedom of movement and investment.  They control our banks and access to our monies.  They control our passports and freedom of travel. “They” now control just about everything including the media we are all influenced by.  Pretty soon “they” will charge us for the air we breathe.

Even the moneyed elite are not as free as they were 20 years ago.  9/11 changed everything…which was the purpose of 9/11.  The perpetrators have succeeded in their mission…probably beyond their wildest hopes and dreams.

Since 9/11, we have seen the biggest increase in conflicts between western civilization and the rest of the world.  We have also seen the biggest increase in racial and class tensions than at any time since the 60s.  These flames have been fanned by progressive liberals from Europe and even the former USA president Barrack Obama who did more to set back race relations than any president in our lifetimes. When identifying between black and white causes, this mixed-race man always sided with “black”.  He seemed almost ashamed of his white heritage and spoke more about his blackness and the Muslim side of his family.  White was out…black was in.

Now we see this illogical spearhead of identification growing quickly throughout the world creating class wars everywhere we look…and politicos on every side want to manipulate those conflicts to their own power based political agendas. Hell, they even want to obliterate gender lines and racial differences into some fake homogenized society of robot humans without sexual identities or cultural norms. Freedom has morphed from expressing one’s personal rights to demanding that everyone AGREE with what any individual expresses as their gender or racial identity.  Where does this craziness come from?

In general, it comes down to institutionalized growth of socialism to where everyone is forced to give up their individual perspectives and sovereignties for the “good of the majority”.  Whites are now a minority in the world. People “of color” are having more babies while white families are having fewer.  The obvious reality is that in just a couple of decades, these forces of anti-white socialists will completely dominate the world politically and economically.  If the supposed “white elite” do not go along with expropriation of their wealth through unequal taxation and redistribution, they will simply be “done away with” by the wolves of socialism.  That’s how it works folks.  The socialists will be led by the likes of Bernie Sanders,  Joe Biden, or other lesser-known, less experienced politicos in the USA who push pure socialist agendas while calling President Trump a “racist”.  The race and poverty buttons are the only things the Democrats have going that appeals to a growing portion of American democracy.  That’s all they really run on and it is scary to think a democratic majority of Americans could foolishly follow them to economic oblivion…but the world seems bent on making that happen.

Meanwhile, “white” people and cultures had better wake up to this reality.  “They” need to stay involved in the education of the people and running of the government.  “They” need to voluntarily look for answers to extreme poverty and educating the masses to do more than just build better welfare systems.  Just building walls around estates or even countries will not solve the racial and economic divides within the country.

Finally, there are tyrants and bad actors throughout the whole family of man…white, black, Indian, male, female, gay or straight.  There are good examples in every category as well.  If there is to be some new social consciousness that can prevail,  we hope that it will be based on secular truth more than religious mysticism,  forcing people to “fish” versus just feeding them “fish”,  and community growth based on free versus controlled economic trade models.  Whites will not be the only winners if this new consciousness can be established…but they also won’t be “losers”…which they will be if socialism and absolute controls take over.

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