What Capitalism is…and isn’t


Class 101

We are quite convinced many people discussing the “isms” of the world have little understanding of these concepts, especially Capitalism or Socialism…and especially people in the USA who are very misinformed on this.

We now focus on what true Capitalism is…and isn’t.

“Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Characteristics central to capitalism include private property, capital accumulation, wage labor, voluntary exchange, a price system, and competitive markets.”

What Capitalism ISN’T…

  • Government controls on trade and tariffs
  • Hyper regulations and taxation by governments (that is the socialism model)
  • Private industry that funds Political Action Committees and buys government representatives and elections
  • Monopolies (if you need definition of it, this article is beyond your understanding)
  • Forced accounting of all your assets and activities to the public or government for public disclosure
  • INvoluntary charity via big-government programs built on unreasonable levels of taxation
  • Former politicians on private corp boards in order to exert preferential treatment by governments or preferred access to government purchase contracts

You are not a capitalist country:

  • When 25+% of your jobs are in government or the “public sector”
  • When you run up debts of over $22 Trillion in just a couple decades and can’t balance your own budgets
  • When your laws allow big corporate players to buy elections and politicians to get their way
  • When you allow religions to grow and manage assets tax-free while everyone else pays for the social needs and obligations of the society through taxation.
  • When the government can tell you where and when you can do business throughout the world
  • When you tax and regulate your own citizens more than you do foreign companies or nationals on your own soil
  • When your banks (due to government regulations) control and report all your holdings or expect an accounting for all your business plans and activities
  • When your currency, interest rates, and money supply is controlled by an independent but government-sanctioned organization such as the “Federal Reserve”
  • When your political leaders are not bound by the same laws, structures, or benefits they dictate to the rest of their constituents.

So please…next time you hear someone say the USA is a “Capitalist” country or system, you now know how to correct them. We encourage everyone to get on board the freedom train to prosperity and personal sovereignty versus Big Government controls and rationalizations for nationalizing global markets for redistribution.

When the wolves eat all the sheep, they will soon die of starvation.  While some claim this is a form of “democracy”, this is how the human race will be wiped out if democratic socialism continues to be the dominant form of governance.

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