Global Smoke and Mirrors


Many discussions both live and online have recently led to accusations that we are “conspiracy theorists”. It seems these days whenever you question the official government line on major events, you are tagged a “conspiracist”. Isn’t that an amazing automated response when someone questions what “everyone” believes about major global happenings?

As current and not so recent events have rolled out, we find ourselves increasingly isolated in our thinking compared to the “common viewpoints” of the media and the masses around us. The inexhaustible medias of the world are really taking us for a fantastic ride of fantasy and innuendos regarding what MIGHT have happened or IS happening.  Millions of dollars are spent every day from multiple sides of today’s issues trying to persuade us to interpret events in certain prescribed, “politically correct” ways and seeking to confuse and divide us. Very little that is reported are concrete facts.  If newscasters and politicians proclaim something long enough and loud enough, they get the “poll” responses they were looking for from public opinion.

When we were young, we were so patriotic and trusting of our leaders and the media that reported on them. Walter Conkrite was so believable and comforting to so many as the major newscaster of the 60s and early 70s on the only three networks we had to choose from.  While he was obviously reading scripts written for him by his CBS network, we hardly ever heard a personal opinion or side comment about the news he was reading. Was some of that news spun by the government and other powers? Sure!  But we were comforted that this guy reporting was sincerely believing what he was reporting. Todays media, especially in the USA, has become a horror of a reality show featuring aggressive, sensational hosts who spend more time espousing their opinions or spin on the news than reporting the news itself.

Now here we are today, decades later, trying to decern truth from multiple channels of talking heads coming at us from our big screen TVs, cell phones, and computers.  Unless you go to a rare place without cell or internet coverage, you cannot escape the barrage of opinions, anger, and labyrinth of lies coming at us from all directions. How does anyone REALLY know anything for sure anymore about what is happening and why? We think it increasingly difficult, and the older we get, the more we doubt what we thought we knew.

One VERY scary observation is how young some of these new talking heads are in media and how cocksure they are of their observations and opinions.  Of course, we all thought we knew everything in our early 20s that we needed to know. We now wear a teeshirt some days that says “I am not yet young enough to know everything”.

Into our sixth decade of living, one would think we know a lot more than we do. The truth is, based on the lack of verifiable truth and our loss of faith in the institutions of man…the more we know how much we DON’T know for sure.  We have gotten just wise enough to doubt our religious leaders and their intentions. We have learned enough to find fault with most of the traditional history books passed down for generations, and for sure to doubt the manipulations of the world’s holy books.

There are reasons some of the most disturbed, suicidal, and eccentric people among us also have the highest IQs in many instances.  When you know and understand facts or truths that the masses don’t …well, it leads to a strong sense of isolation, disappointment, and sadness.  When a majority of what you hold to be self-evident is rejected by the world at large, it can be a very lonely existence.

Perhaps the world has always been one of “smoke and mirrors” when it comes to truth and reality.  Now we find that smoke and those mirrors to be thicker and more delusional than ever.  There is so much falsehood and fake hope throughout the world, it is more difficult to say we know anything for sure anymore. Even the elders among us who are supposed to be wise and independent from experience simply shrug and say “how can we know”, or the great escapist line of all time… “its all in “God’s” hands”.

Fortunately, we came to a point decades ago where we no longer blamed “god” or the “devil” for the evils and errors of human beings. At the same time, we lost our belief in any “afterlife” in heaven or elsewhere and are now stuck with the challenge to make the most out of this world of “smoke and mirrors” to the best of our abilities.

This is all there is folks…so we must continue to be vigilant in seeking truth, freedom, and understanding to our dying breath and pass it on to future generations with more clarity.  There are some truths in the holy books, such as the quote “For now we see through a glass, darkly”.  It IS a very dark, mystical world. Fortunately, we have many tools and avenues to determine our own realities.  We still need to fight for individual sovereignty and freedom…for ALL.  At the same time, we do not need to be manipulated by the institutions of the world that want to make us responsible for cleaning up their messes…decades, even centuries, of wrong thinking…that has led us where we are today.  We owe no blind devotion or faith to any of our institutions.  It is the “power of one” that can still bring light in these nights of evil, deceit, and manipulation.  We need to be steadfast in tearing down the mirrors and putting out the fires of deception that have us all living as victims of the institutional liars and societal arsonists.

Call us conspiratory theorists…or any other epitaph you want…but we will continue to call out fraud and wrong thinking where we find it, no matter if we are excommunicated to the wilderness or surrounded by throngs that doubt us and continue to drink the Koolaid of institutional wantonness.


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