“Equality” and Capitalism


Today’s minute by minute rant in the world of Leftist political correctness is “we want equality for all”. The problem is, we are not sure what is meant by their use of the word. Equal rights?  We think they have that.  Equal free speech?  We think they are obviously exercising that. Economic equality where all have and make the same money…aka “socialism”?  That ain’t gonna happen…

Of course, the Leftist rant is always blaming “capitalism” for their economic inequalities. While we understand that modern day self-proclaimed “capitalists” have no real understanding of the concept and are mostly to blame for the economic injustices in the world, the true victims of these rants are the hardworking middle-class believers in the “American dream”.

Institutional capitalism has always been a perverse form of the real thing.  The corporate industrial complex that runs most of the politicians of the world is really about controlling laws, trade, and tariffs at their discretion.  They also form institutions like the SEC (securities exchange commission) and other regulatory bodies to form a sense of protectionism for the banks and big money investors. Then by sheer size and power of “law”, they control and regulate markets supposedly to provide protection against fraud and/or depressions.  In reality, they are simply protecting themselves from true free market corrections.  This is not capitalism ladies and gentlemen.  This is pure cronyism.

When we use the term Capitalism, we mean truly free markets.  We mean true risk and the ability to buy/sell at will…not just when “markets are opened” by government institutions.  We also mean free trade without having to guess or be surprised by runaway taxation, changing tax rates without representation and process, or government controls on inflation or interest rates.

It has only been in the last 100 years since the “great depression” that governments decided to take control of markets along with ridiculous levels of regulations and taxes. The only true capitalism today is in black markets and the “informal sector”, which in many countries is up to 50% of the true economic GDP.

As the authors of the USA Constitution feared, the masses have traded their freedom for “security”…and to that end deserve neither. What you have now is total chaos controlled by a few dark powers worldwide. The masses live on myths and handouts perpetuated by the institutional masters they blindly follow. They accept controls on their money and money supply.  They accept allowing a passport and nationality determine where they are free to travel or associate.  They accept markets opening and closing based on the whim of some government official.  They accept the filtering and “classifying” of public documents by their supposed representative government.  Truth and information in the hands of a few insiders give them all the advantages in the world.  This is not equality.

It is time to give de-centralized, true Capitalism a chance.  We should have free, unfettered access to our personal monies without having to explain to banks or their governments why we want OUR money and WHAT we will do with it. None of their damn business. We should be able to take and invest our monies anywhere in the world without accounting to any government or institution of man.

Let’s take the “ism” out of capitalism. What’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine.  If I have more than you, I owe you no apologies or explanations.  If I have less than you, I have no claim to the difference.  That’s real life.  That’s capitalism.  And true capitalism is healthy, fair, and good for ALL.

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