On the passing of HW Bush


A Traitor to Humanity article…

Herbert Walker Bush has died…and none too soon. Only the good die young.

This guy and his lineage were quietly some of the evilest political leaders we have had in the history of the USA.  If you read the true history going back to HW/s father, their oil deals on the back of American politics, on through son George Ws role in 9/11 and the Patriot Act leading to invasions of Iraq, Afganistan and our role in Syria and Lebanon, these Bushes have done more to destroy a Constitutional America than any other political family we know.

A brief short list of hidden sins:

  • Continuing the family’s clandestine relationship with the Saudis and Aramco, from the 1940s oil deals to 9/11 when the Saudi Bin Laden family members were the first ones on a flight out of the USA post 9/11
  • As head of CIA, he dealt with cartels and drug runners including Noriega in Panama.  Then, as President HW Bush, unconstitutionally invaded Panama militarily mostly as a grudge for Noriega’s renunciation of US control on Panama’s canal, drug trade, and as the financial center of the Americas. This invasion killed thousands of innocent Panamanians which was then covered up by USA military and the politically controlled press.
  • “The attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan… leads to Bush who was standing in “the wings” of power.
  • The “war on drugs” was hyped by Reagan and Bush administrations to incarcerate millions of Americans who were not white and Republican while at the same time participating in the protection of certain cartels and confiscating Billions from “guilty” pot smokers and sellers. The USA is now a police state with hundreds of thousands of unconstitutionally incarcerated Americans. This also has protected big corporate interests in oil and Pharma with the continued prohibition of Hemp, the most useful plant in the world and the biggest threat to oil and Big Pharma.
  • Continued fanning of Middle East flames by funding and arming Israel and Saudi Arabia in order to fuel the growth of the military-corporate complex and the use/sale of more oil to the various governments involved.  This also led to 9/11 which was a conspiracy to fan the flames of “holy wars” to justify political actions to stop the proliferation of Islam and anti-Western movements throughout the planet. Presumed co-conspirators were Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld.
  • Many many more…

To all this, we say “good riddance”.  While HW may have had an image of calm and the “nice guy”, these Bush men have covered up more evil than we want to know. And most Americans choose NOT to know.  They want the hero who jumped out of a plane in WW2…but not the one who almost single-handedly turned control of our country over to the Arabs and Israelis…for their own personal oil gains. No tears shed for this terrible period of leadership that history will eventually reveal for the evil it spawned. Trump’s actions, right or wrong, are milk toast compared to the damage these Bushes have done to our country.

We welcome a new political era that can hopefully lead to truthful and honest leadership…not the smokescreens of patriotic flag waving that cover up a multitude of sins we have had for the past 80 years in America’s world politic.

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