While we live in the “information age” based on the huge proliferation of data delivered to us via internet and cellphones, does it not strike you as ironic that we also face the most censorship by governments on data and information than ever before?

While fake news and social media memes are allowed to consume vast percentages of daily digital newscasts, much of what is really going on in the world is covered up by various powers and institutions that choose and have the power to do so.

Our governments deem more and more documents as “classified”, meaning the average citizen has no right to know what is going on in the governance of their country. “Freedom of the Press” has come to mean “free to guess”, “free to opine without facts”, and no punishment for defamation of character or twisting truths.  Politicos world over are hiding more and more from their constituents while the more brutal regimes absolutely filter what their citizens can view or hear online and in all traditional media.  Meanwhile, the average citizen seems to simply shrug and rationalize the lack of transparency as normal and customary behavior.  Many believe their governments are “protecting them”. These are the main reasons the masses are living in a world of “smoke and mirrors” where it seems nearly impossible to know what is true any more.

Censorship is especially useful when governments cover up their collusions with dictators and bad actors throughout the international arena.  There are hundreds of thousands of documents related to the USA government’s activities in many of the wars our leaders have put us in that are “top secret”.  Decisions are made and conversations are had “off the record” that essentially determine the fate of millions of Americans without their ever knowing what hit them.

While we understand the value of censoring information for keeping war plans confidential from our enemies…we do not understand “after the fact” a government saying we citizens cannot go back and read all the documentation related to such decisions. Often times it is many decades, even centuries before the “common people” are allowed access to what really happened in many global conflicts.  Learning from history, after all, is the whole purpose of studying it, but if we are denied access to public information because some politico wants to cover up facts or culprits, then our true grasp of history is questionable and without foundation.

It is time for the general citizenry of the world to step up to the tyrants that run over them.  It is time for the average citizen to have full access to documentation and various sources of media in order to understand what their representatives are doing and why.  Citizens should have MORE  privacy than they have, while public politicos should have more demands put on them for transparency.  The innocuous, droning voices of these politicos covering up facts with hyped up templated speeches and innuendos need to stop.  We need real, plain talking, sincere representatives who will give us the truth even when it hurts.  If our economy needs correcting, let’s do it.  If our leaders need firing…let’s do it.  If we need a revolution, let’s get on with it.

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