The Universe runs on mathematics…not mysticism


As Galileo famously observed,

“Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.”

When people ask us what our “beliefs” are…we typically reply “we believe in Cause and Effect”.  While most of these people don’t understand the answer fully, we basically are saying “we believe in math as science”.  1+1=2.  We believe in mathematical constants such as “Pi” that can determine the outcomes in our lives. Yet, we find ourselves a significant minority within humankind…

Most people believe and depend on “god”, government, and goodwill (welfare).  Most people believe society and governments owe them something based on altruism, socialism, and growing dependencies on “entitlements” declared by government or religious institutions. “All people deserve equality”…which is not meaning equal OPPORTUNITY, but equal PAY.  “All people deserve to be free”…yet most people in the world are dependent or indentured servants to their institutions which negates true freedom and independence.

With all this mystic goodwill…it sure is hard to get to the bottom of what’s real in this world. There is no magical way to create equality globally.  Distribution of education, food, clothing, and housing is controlled by institutions…not results of hard work or smart business.  The masses continue to count on “trickle down” economics versus the hard cold realities of markets and competition.  Most people no longer want to compete, but would rather group up by the masses to tear down and take from those that excel. Most people believe in “fate” or faith to bring good results to their lives.  Cause and effect based on our actions and decisions are rarely discussed. Most people live lives of “quiet desperation”…hoping for a “lucky break” or an inheritance from others without making the effort of creating their own security or livelihood.  Is it any surprise the institutions of the world are going bust?  Their promises to these mystical masses far outnumber any realistic chance to fulfill them all.  Thus begins the subterfuge.

It is our approach that the future belongs to strong sovereign individuals, families, and communities built on individualism…not socialism.  The universe is still built on scientific and mathematical principles and facts that will not change just because you believe you can alter or diminish people’s knowledge of them.

The mystic sands of false premises and promises are taking down the world’s institutions slowly but surely.  The only thing permanent will be those things built on cause and effect, pure probabilities of math, and scientific realities.  History and evolution teach this very clearly with many illustrations of empires and institutions who crumbled under the delusions of “social justice”…which to many signifies “you owe me” versus “let me go make something of or for myself”.

So, no matter what some politician or educator pushes your direction, it is up to each of us to evaluate truth from fiction…bad math from good math.  Is your life built upon the solid foundation of facts…or on the false hopes of institutional fiction?  One of the most basic measures for this answer will be based on …what assets do you truly own and control, versus how much of your security depends on socialized sources of entitlement or licensing your financial freedom from a government institution?

It’s time to get back to the basics of simple math and probabilities to govern our lives and our actions. No one can afford socialism.

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