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Whether it be in business, sports, or the arts…results and success in competition depend on the big 3…desire, talent, and discipline.

We continue to believe that results in one’s life depend on their development in these three core fundamentals.  Without vision or desire, there is no development of talent and discipline.  Children at a young age should be encouraged to imagine, develop all levels of ability be it physical, mental, or social.  To kill someone’s pursuits of these values is criminal, and in children should constitute child abuse.  Moronic forms of institutional parenting are what is killing potential advancement in our world of the young.

When we see exceptionalism in this world, it is usually tied to some early form of encouragement and development of a child’s core skills.  While families from higher economic levels would theoretically have advantages in exposing their young to opportunities, education, and various disciplines…in actuality success is not based on these advantages.

Desire is more important than economic capability.  Talent is not dependent on economics or culture. Time and time again we see that the economically advantaged youth are often pampered, slovenly,  and not disciplined in pursuing their best.  “Silver spoons” usually mean attitudes of entitlement and a false sense of exceptionalism.  These people usually live under the shadow of a previous generation’s accomplishments…not their own.  Meanwhile, the ghettos and poverty often produce the desire and initiative for some individuals to excel and focus to improve their lot in life.

We see many sports figures come from these demographics.  We also see arts culture challenged by musicians and artists from all demographics.  Talent is discoverable from wherever it is sourced. Many young people have physical talents and advantages.  Others are more fit in intelligence and need to be valued and encouraged equally as those who perform well in sports.  Still others are tremendously creative artists.  In all these cases, young people need to be allowed to thrive and strive in their own natural paths without undue pressuring from parents and institutions and their points of view.  The elderly should be busy still defining their own lives and truth…not forcing presuppositions on children.

Then there are those of us who think because of our mature ages we no longer are able to excel or accomplish anything meaningful.  Society itself denigrates the aging to the backseat of inclusion, respect, and challenge.  Most people accept limitations based on these perceived conditions of age, economic, or educational backgrounds.  We would argue that life is to be lived fully until our dying death…excelling any ways we can to make this life more meaningful by accomplishment.   Whether those accomplishments are physical, mental, or social…humankind should value the spirit of accomplishment equally no matter what age or walk of life a person is coming from.

So…it begins with desire. Be open and listen to your soul for your true desires. So what if it goes against previous programming or upbringing you were subjected to.  Life is full of examples of people who reached their pinnacle of success in their 60s, 70s, and 80s…even beyond.  Age is a number, but it is no indicator of IQ, desire, or capability.

We must always pursue our desires while at the same time being objective about where our own talents lie.  Don’t overestimate your capabilities…but if you fall short, just continue to develop the talents you want and have a capacity for.  And keep pursuing.  Life, after all, is mostly about the “process” and progress…not so much about the destination.  No matter where we get to in life…there is always further to go, more to do. That’s why every day is an adventure no matter where we are on the journey of human existence.

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