Most all humans have been brought up under governments and institutions that teach us to identify with or pay homage to a piece of cloth called a “flag”.  Since grade school growing up in the USA, we were taught to “pledge allegiance to THE flag” as the first thing we were forced to do every morning at public school. While this seems innocent enough and is supposed to promote a sense of meaning and belonging…our lifelong studies of history and observations of human behavior now illicit a different perspective in hindsight.

It is now our perspective that flags are:

Divisive…in that they promote a false sense of pride in submitting to statism and institutionalism

Elitest…in that the teaching of flag worship promotes blind patriotism based on geographic and/or ethnic pride and being “better” than others

Manipulative…in eliciting a false sense of security and safety simply by “belonging” to a state or institution

Controlling…by having your identity blindly identified to a government and fundamentally “serving” the wants and needs of the “state”, a monarchy, or a religious institution

Any student of history must at some point grapple with the horrendous atrocities committed by man’s institutions of government, religion, or ethnicity where tyrants are blindly followed into wars where the young are sacrificed by the powerful to protect THEIR lust for power and domination in this world. This is the sacrifice of many for “the few”…which is not a positive philosophy to live by.

Fortunately, in this information age and process of modernization…we are seeing powerful illustrations such as this video where our identities do not need to be limited to “one nation” or under “one god for which it stands”. These machinations are simultaneously without merit, proof, or reason.

We welcome the dawning of a day when all men, women, and children of this earth have a common sense of belonging not based on race, creed, or statism…but rather every individual having a GLOBAL sense of sovereignty, human rights, and dignity simply based on a strong sense of individuality.  This manipulation of the masses by tyrants needs to end. We need to begin to understand the rejection of flag-waving, heart crossing ceremonies such as the recent controversies surrounding sports figures who refuse to pledge allegiance to governance they don’t agree with.  This should be their right in a supposedly “free country”.

One may not have the power to fight tyranny and manipulation alone…but as more of the masses begin to understand what their actions mean in the big picture, it becomes time for “all good men to come to the aid of”…ALL of humanity.  Not just “our own”.

As the civil rights song goes…”we shall overcome…someday”.


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