Why we would choose to die in Canada

Canada’s example of assisted dying refutes those who argue against it!

Having grown up near the Canadian border, we have always had good affinity and relations with many people in that fine country.  If it weren’t for the terrible weather, we very well might have lived there most of our lives.

Yet, in light of this crazy oppressive world of governments controlling our every move from birth to death…it seems quite the right idea to plan our ending in this fine country near the “northern lights”.  They are certainly enlightened on many things in Canada, including death with integrity.

Whatever moralists or statists might have to say about “god” or the “state” determining when and how one should die…it seems much more rational to take our ending into our own hands.  We have always found the “pomp and circumstance” of death and funerals to be like a circus more than a proper ceremony commemorating someone’s life.

People fear death for many reasons.  After all, it is pretty final, and contrary to many faiths…we don’t believe anyone gets out of this existence alive.  For those of us who share proper intellectual and scientific understanding of life and death, it is obviously attractive to us to have full freedom and control over when and where we call it “a life”. To sit around for days, weeks, months, or years…suffering or even worse totally in-cognitive of what is going on around us is in our minds a preposterous ending to what are often successful, productive lives.

We applaud Canada and a few other countries in the world who afford this freedom to their inhabitants.  When we treat animals better than humans at life’s end…there is something seriously wrong in the ethics department of most religions and governments.

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