Serfdom of Government Controlled Economies


We are living in the age of institutional dominance and forced dependence.  The masses all the way through the upper middle classes worldwide are living in total faith in their political and religious leaders plus the armies they control.

Even in the USA, the constitutional concepts of “liberty and justice for all” are thrown out the window of political and economic expedience.  In this latest and dying empire we call “America”, a vast majority of the population are totally dependent on social welfare and even in those “paid in” programs such as social security, the coffers are empty except for all the governmental “IOUs” backing those accounts.  The numbers have been upside down and covered up by government “voodoo accounting” for many decades now.  Things are at a point of no return, especially when truth catches up to the biggest “Ponzi scheme” of the last century, the “Federal Reserve”…which has none.

In place of independence and freedom, most of Western Civilization has surrendered to governmental socialism and naked tyranny.  Based on reactions to the last century’s world wars created by statist demagogues of just a few decades ago,  most regular survivors allowed their independent spirits to be further crushed by working hard to pay their various government’s debts for wars that never should have happened in the first place.  Because of the tendency of the sheeplike masses to follow just about any loud voice over the cliffs of false hopes and promises versus pursuing the quiet challenge of handling their own survival…the sheeple continue to be led to slaughter spiritually, emotionally, and then physically.

While most modern Americans have little recall of their country’s history or the values of their forefathers, they continue speeding towards the fulfillment of Benjamin Franklin’s prophesy that “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”.   They continue buying into the vacuous messages of “let’s make America great again” and “America first or else all is lost”. All political parties in that country are guilty of pushing false bravado and painting lipstick on the ugly pig of national debt and angry civic discord in all parts of the land.

The “voters” are constantly choosing the same type of “masters” they want to follow.  The majority continue to vote the same wolves and liars into power decade after decade.  Democracy of this kind continues to provide the best government money can buy…and the leaders continue promising their “serfs” to provide for all their needs regardless of their need or ability to produce for themselves. Government and their bankers are suddenly “too big to fail” and few individuals believe in the cause and effect of failing policies any more. They just continue trudging along behind the hand-me-down cart of government chattel payments believing that somehow these governments and banks will never “fail” them.  How blind can we be?

Meanwhile, those with more independent and sound minds know that 2+2 still equals 4, not 40…so we are not buying into the trust of governments increasing taxes that reach down to take care of us when we are old and infirmed.  In many cases, these governments are forcing the free and productive members of society to run and hide from inscription to their programs of folly and outright robbery.   It is quickly becoming every man and family for themselves to protect their rights, properties, freedom of movement, and control of personal assets.  Privacy and confidentiality are no longer assumed rights in the Western world. The “patriot act” continues to run the USA courts and government agencies that mostly proceed with no fear of penalty or recrimination for wrong-doing.

There is no true capitalism in the government-controlled markets of today…yet politicos accuse each other of being capitalists as if it was a dirty word.  The rising socialism via globalization is also snuffing out the ability of most to operate and breath freely in pursuit of personal wealth and security.  To seek independence from state-sponsored benefits is becoming criminalized in many parts of the world where they do not want you producing your own energy, growing your own food, or consuming organic products of a healthy nature that have been our medicines for thousands of years.  Instead, they expect all serfs to buy what they have licensed and regulated as “good for you”, or worse yet…”good for the majority”.

Fortunately, there is a silver lining for the future.  With the continuing advances in technology run mostly by younger people of the new Millenium, we have hope that with the impending doom of controlled markets and false monetary systems, the implosion of the old will be followed by a quick rescue of new technology and intelligence.  People today are already escaping “serfdom” by diversifying their interests and assets in multiple regions of the world.  Many are investing in new technologies and currencies that will eventually make “finding a job” a thing of the past.   Many young people are waking up to the reality that they must save and prepare for their own secure futures instead of buying empty “government bonds” or “bank CDs” that don’t even keep up with a marginal rise of the cost of living.

Technology is about the only thing we see saving our world in the future from institutionalized serfdom. Whether you develop it, use it, invest in it, or simply study it, in all these ways technology MIGHT save you from the obvious doom that awaits those simply waiting for third-party institutional miracles.

If you are taking funds from the public coffers, you are a serf…or if under false pretenses, a simple theif.



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