The political hot potato of runaway immigration


Since the most recent USA presidential election, we have been bombarded by news in the USA over the issue of  DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and “chain migration” where legal immigrants are allowed to sponsor large numbers of their family members into the country regardless of their qualifications to study, work or assimilate into American culture.

No other country in the world has historically allowed the freedoms of immigration the USA has.  No other country of the world is as big a melting-pot of race and culture as the USA has become. Yet, it can also be said that no other country in the world is as divided and decentralized culturally as the USA…largely because of the issue of rampant immigration.

The current President Trump is hardly responsible for the huge immigration issues he has inherited, and his successful election can largely be attributed to his contrarian stances from mainstream politicians on the immigrant issues.

The current strife and welfare state status of the USA economy is largely a result of the 1965 Immigration Act sponsored by President Lyndon Johnson that ended the national-origins quota system and opened the door to mass immigration of unskilled or low-skilled workers from most anywhere in the world…primarily through unlimited family-chain migration. Thus began a huge reduction of jobs available for American workers and huge increases in the social welfare system that Johnson’s “Great Society” created, strongly resembling Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” creating greater and greater reliance on the government for sustaining or managing this huge economy.

The problem with the “Great Society” is that it spawned greater reliance on government welfare, higher taxes to meet the promises of said programs, and undermined what little was left of capitalism and free enterprise in the first democracy to officially build on such ideals.  The rich and corporate America got richer because of cheaper foreign labor, and the liberal big government elite gained more controls for ruling over the country via gaining more supporters from the relatively uneducated, poor masses that were flooding the job markets in America.

Today we still gain a million more immigrants in the USA each year.  Only 1 in 15 of those million immigrants come here for employment. The vast majority come because they are simply related to a foreign “worker”.  In total, over 36 Million  (94%) immigrants of the past 50 years have come with no jobs…and that doesn’t even count the 24 million ILLEGAL immigrants who have flooded through our borders.  That adds over 60 million who have not come to America to work…and they represent a huge percentage of the population who lives off the government welfare system…in other words, the working people.

So, is it any wonder that so many “traditional” American workers have become disgruntled with immigrants and foreign workers?  This phenomenon, largely sponsored by big government proponents, has driven down wages, tremendously increased the welfare state and created an incredible national debt of over $21 Trillion. This has basically driven the middle and working class into the abyss of pure socialism…all in the course of 50 short years. These are the realities that have caused the political revolution in America that elected a non-political businessman with “reality TV” experience into the office of the Presidency.  His “America(n) First” anti-immigration policy is the main reason he got elected.

It is impossible not to feel bad for the DACA kids who had no choice in coming to America via the illegal intentions of their parents or grandparents. For decades our government has NOT enforced the immigration laws that are already on the books.  For generations, these people have lived under the radar of detection or even willful “looking the other way” of various government agencies.  For generations, our authorities have been losing the battle against illegal immigrants of all persuasions…not just “Latino” or Mexican.  Yet, this newly elected president is vilified as racist, xenophobic, and elitist for simply wanting to enforce the long-standing laws of the land. While he, like most people, probably exhibits some of these labels…we should not allow the liberal media and socialist elitists of Hollywood or Washington DC to cover up the issue of runaway immigration by simply lambasting the character of our President.  A majority of native citizens…many of them from immigrants families themselves…are in favor of restoring the country to a patriotic, law-abiding, culturally unifying condition of controlled immigration.

It seems obvious to us that until recent socialist times in western civilization, all other countries of the world strongly enforced their border and immigration laws much more forcibly than the USA.  We have lived as expats in a number of countries outside of the USA.  All of those countries enforce their immigration and working rights to much higher standards than the USA.  These countries currently crying out in the media against the current “racial or radical” immigration enforcement policies are the biggest hypocrites on the globe.

Mexico for one does not tolerate illegals…from north or south.  It is common knowledge the government has encouraged “elimination” of hundreds of illegals pouring over the borders from Honduras and Guatemala at various times during our lifetime.  Yet, they seem reluctant to lift a finger in controlling their poverty-stricken hordes from pouring over the USA southern borders.  Again…fraudulent and phony posturing…throwing their “problems” over the border to the USA.

We have lived many years in a number of Latin countries, including Mexico, and have a strong affinity with our Hispanic brothers and sisters.  Yet, this does not excuse their total disregard for the USA citizenry or their constitution.  The USA constitution does NOT grant the same rights or privileges to foreigners as it does its citizens…and the legal route to citizenship is well documented and strongly administered.  It is not justifiable in our eyes to allow illegals in the USA to jump to the head of the line for inclusion as US residents or citizens.  After all, we certainly are not allowed to live or work in their country without appropriate documentation and process.  Why should they expect otherwise of the biggest debtor nation in the world?

On a rational note, it is probably impossible and inhumane to try and deport all the millions of undocumented immigrant wanna-be workers already in the USA. For the sake of national sovereignty, and the defense of legal American workers, it is simply time to 1) enforce the immigration process at our borders, and 2) provide a way for legal inclusion of latent illegal immigrants to become legitimate taxpayers and document holders. This President seems to be willing to find a way, but the liberal congressmen from various states are standing against sustaining law and order.  While we don’t agree with the President on a lot of things…we DO think he is right to honor his pledges in the election on these issues.


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