The “real” state of the union

state of union address

The REAL state of the union is:

  1. Our markets are at all-time highs based on no real fundamentals of finance. Our country is still basically bankrupt at over 21 Trillion dollars of national debt and Price/Earnings ratios of our public companies are at all-time highs in many cases.
  2. There is still no resolution to the Healthcare cost crisis and Opioid epidemic pushed on us by our own FDA and the Big Pharma mafia. Just a lot of “discussion”.
  3. President Trump continues to go along with the Pentagon in propping up the 14 year Afghanistan war where over 44% of the country is still in control of the Taliban and other fundamentalists.  GET OUT!
  4. Public education continues to show dismal results with very little parental/family support for pushing their kids to perform in school. Our culture is “toast”.
  5. Fake news continues to run most USA news media
  6. Fundamentalists religions and conflicts between them continue to rule our society
  7. The new Crypto money system is ready to steamroll over the American dollar…and no one seems to understand how this will devastate the USA and many first world economies.
  8. Our national law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, and others continue to show their political nature.  They support “smoke and mirror” coverups of the real issues by pushing investigations on “Russia”, sexual “harassment”,  and a variety of other silly issues while the main difficulties of our country go unreported.  Meanwhile, guilty politicos funded by corruption and greed in high places continue to get away with “murder”.
  9. The USA congress can’t balance a budget or agree on reducing costs on anything.  They should all be forced to resign and hold new elections.  Or, better yet, let’s just find a benevolent dictator that will hand out more “candy” to keep the social needs alive.

These are some of the real issues we heard little about in tonight’s traditional speech by our President.



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