Venezuelan crisis spreading to the Americas

venezuela protestor

Having spent so much time in Colombia, it is alarming how quickly we see life in neighboring Venezuela deteriorating before our eyes. Many of our family and friends in Colombia are very concerned that this ugly regime of totalitarian socialism is spreading into Colombia and the rest of South America.

The Venezuelan regime is similar to what the FARC guerillas in Colombia were pushing to have the past 50-60 years in Colombia. Even though current President Santos and his administration have forced through a “peace” agreement with the Colombian rebel forces, these same rebel leaders are now busily forming a political party and can actually run in the upcoming 2018 election in Colombia. A majority of Colombians have not been in favor of this peace agreement and the price paid for it. There is significant fear of a leadership vacuum and that the next election in Colombia could go the same direction as the disastrous Marxist regime of Venezuela. Let’s hope not.

The other troubling point to us is what little attention the USA government and media are paying to this devastation to democracy, law, and order in this region. Having worked the last few weeks in the USA, we hear no coverage in the national news on these issues. Instead, we Americans seem content to bash our President, fret about the little guy in North Korea, or place Russia and Vladamir Putin in a position of power over our own politics and elections. These are ridiculous and shameful political gyrations when these threats to civil order are happening so close to our shores and hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have already landed in America.

We don’t believe there is a political solution for Venezuela without tremendous bloodshed and outright revolution. Like so many parts of the world, the “refugees” are fleeing their country instead of staying to fight for their country. Most of the money and brains have already abandoned Venezuela…and it is understandable why.

At the same time, it seems we are right back to where things were over 100 years ago when Teddy Roosevelt declared his corollary to  the Monroe Doctrine  of “manifest destiny” over the western hemisphere. Russia, China, and other countries are filling the gap left by the USA’s relative ignorance and disinterest in Central and South America. America has turned inward in the middle of its own civil and political strife while at the same time burning what remaining international resources we have left on supporting Israel, the Saudis, and fighting for control in the middle east against “terrorists”. We are leaving our back door wide open for major conflicts in the Americas and paying too much attention to perceived enemies who would make better allies.

We believe there are powers manipulating these global issues to their own ends. These are financial powers, not political ones. It takes money to sponsor wars and conflicts such as we have. The days of USA as empire builders and invaders of foreign lands are numbered. We will soon have so much conflict within our own borders that Afghanistan and Iraq will seem like a dim memory.

The Bolivarian revolution of Venezuela and its mentality are already well spread throughout the Americas, including the USA. The Cuba resolution is in turmoil. One step forward, two steps back. Our congress and administration are the worse, weakest leaders perhaps in the history of our republic.

We seem to be returning to the Darwinian theory of “survival of the fittest”. It is alarming to think that so many of our institutions are on the brink of implosion and ineffectiveness. The military industrial complex is running most of the larger countries in the world…both economically and militarily. It is time for every educated individual in the world to wake up and smell the coming revolutions. Prepare for it financially. Prepare for it mentally. Prepare to even make some major physical moves when the revolution comes to your immediate town or state.

Everyone now needs their own “plan B”…or become another victim like the poor Venezuelans who are left holding the bag of their country’s economic and political devastation. The revolution is coming to all the Americas.

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  1. Interesting article. The problems in Venezuela have been a concern to me. I knew many families that fled to the United States under Chavez. It is sad to watch the country implode under Maduro. I too worry about the free pass given to FARC and its’ placement in Colombia’s government. Their ideas are dangerous and destructive to all of the hard working Colombians.


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