Extreme taxation on Cannabis is unfair and illogical

marijana medical

The California Marijuana Tax Problem: Why Prices Could Increase 70% in 2018

As usual, out of control governments have been overtaxing the majority who rightly want access to the organic, healthy substance of Cannabis. It’s as if all of us who want the positive medical use of a weed are children who want a “cookie”…and the authorities are demanding a penalty in exchange for our right to consume it.

Over time, this abuse will backfire. Cannabis should not be taxed any higher than any other drug Big Pharma literally pushes down our throats…and in reality, millions of Americans will continue getting their supply from cartels and the black market before paying ludicrous taxes of up to 45% over retail.

Over time, the markets will force this to be corrected even though for now many in the industry seem happy to comply in order to get a foothold in legal markets of this product. You can be sure that as the industry matures, there WILL be lawsuits and political action to reduce the injustice of treating this product any different than regular food or drug products. In fact, if we are serious about reducing healthcare costs, there will be increased demand to add the heavy taxes on the overpriced killer opiates that the FDA approves of based on big money contributions by the healthcare mafias in the USA and elsewhere.

In the meantime, there is plenty of product available “on the street” that offer a lower cost, rational alternative to this hellacious over reaching by taxing authorities. Monopolies of the government on Marijuana are not rational or constitutional in our opinion.

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