Banks using Blockchain internationally


Singapore banks lead the way towards Blockchain integration for banking…

While this article points out so many obvious advantages that “Blockchain” technology will bring to banks and business, it strikes us peculiar they don’t mention how it will also allow banks to adopt and handle transactions in BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies.  If they don’t soon open to these transactions, they will find themselves totally unnecessary as third-party transaction enablers.

Then again, all institutions these days seem hesitant to publicly extoll the virtues of digital currencies in order not to alarm the governments that regulate them. As seems to be the norm, what governments want are increasingly detrimental and at odds with what “the people” want.  Thus you see the civil conflicts all over the world…and these conflicts soon to hit harder all governments of Western Civilization who are behind the curve of technology adoption.

When you see institutional bankers like Jamie Dimond and others attacking Bitcoin as “pyramid schemes”, etc…you know we are on the right track with our crypto investments.  They see the writing on the walls…but to survive in their current bubbles of power and prestige, they do everything they can to delay the inevitable.  Delaying the inevitable is what most all governments do these days when it comes to economics and continued printing of worthless fiat currencies against their national debts and civil obligations (hello USA).

But, we can take heart.  Most of the progressive economies of the world are EARLY adopters of Blockchain and the obvious additional benefits of exchanging cryptocurrencies.  Most people have already lost the “first wave” early investment opportunity in the NEW money. The people in the street are always going to be the last to know or understand these changes. Yet, it is still early in the game and the truth is out of the bag.

We are riding the horse of crypto revolution…and that horse is out of the barn and never coming back to deal with the obvious problems of economies based on meaningless fiat money systems and outdated technologies.

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