Divide and Conquer



We continue to be bewildered by all the riotous and lethal behaviors in the USA over race and religions.  This experiment of a free democracy formed by immigrants from all over the world seems to spell out one major fact…humans are not yet ready to rise to their united potential.  Instead, we have chosen religions and political parties whose traditions are passed from generation to generation to keep us divided and conquered by the “forces that be”.

What used to be mostly a “class war” in western civilization based on wealth strata is turning into a civil war based on ideologies of black and white, liberal and conservative, secular and religious…and within religions we have a whole other set of conflicts based on what form of mysticism or “spiritual leader” one chooses to believe in.

As humans continue to define themselves by these boxes of identity that segregate our world into “controllable” groupings…a sense of “self” and autonomy of the mind are thrown out the window.  Instead, people are basing their identities and actions on illogical, vacuous arguments by elevating one race, sex, religion, culture, or income level over another.  By dividing all these “special interests”, the powers that be are successfully manipulating the minds and actions of a vast majority of human beings to continue building the demand for borders, barriers, and “security” against the perceived hordes of “enemies”.  Many are so extreme as to think that the majority who do not share their beliefs or cultural values are simply inferior and live lives that “don’t matter”.  Therefore, the value or respect for life is at an all time low and it is easy to shoot a gun at or drive a car into a group of people you don’t like.

The biggest tool of these bigots is the media.  Get enough money and media behind your lie…it becomes “truth”.  In today’s technological world of the “information highway”, we have more “fake” news and erroneous, inflammatory dialogue on the public airways than ever before.  We cannot escape the mass manipulation of our senses and sensibilities. It now takes concerted effort to NOT read lying vitriol that inundates us from our social media to mainstream news 24 hours a day.  It is increasingly difficult to know anything “for sure”.  Our leaders lie to us every day about the state of our economies or what they are going to “do” for (to) us.  As science advances, so do the lies and mysticism of modern day religions with their false sense of knowing and simplicity of reasoning towards the most complicated questions of our lives.  It’s “Dr Feelgood” over “Dudley DoRight” every time.  If facts confuse or intimidate you…change the subject and focus on spreading lies or innuendo.

We don’t fault President Trump’s statements regarding the recent conflicts in Charlottesville, VA where he blames BOTH sides of the racial and ideological divides for doing violent battle.  When humanity’s masses are left to venting and demanding their preferences over others in the public streets of the world…there can be no rational or reasonable dialogue on those issues.  All the flag waving, chanting, and shouting in the world will not change facts, but they surely influence perceptions.

While we hope intelligence wins in the end…it will probably be at the cost of mass conflicts, starvation, and wars based on these false ideologies.  Where man once counted on religion to bring peace and unity…it is now the flash point of conflict and bigotry.  Most belief systems today are based on a totalitarian ego of who owns or has a “personal, all powerful God” that controls their destiny.  It doesn’t take long for this to morph into elitism…or at the end of the day, the virtual “burying one’s head in the sand”.  There is no good way to re-educate or change these thoughts and attitudes.

In the anarchist’s view…it is time to destroy and start over.  Unfortunately, the destruction taking place is of reason and sound minds.  Symbolism, mysticism, and fantasy are currently winning the game.  Even in the midst of our technological revolution where all information and truth is at our fingertips…it is lies or mysticism that rule the media and marketplace these days.  These lies are being instilled on yet another generation of unsuspecting, open, young minds.

What will come out of these current manipulations of humanity?  Another world war?  More hoarding by the elite who run our world?  Another redrawing of world boundaries by the victors of the nuclear age?  Perhaps the most important investment we can make is to signup for the next space shuttle to escape this morass.  The problem there is, with humans, “wherever you go there you are”.  We can escape others for a time, but it seems quite impossible to escape who WE have become.

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