I am not addicted to Cannabis…


I am NOT addicted to Cannabis…

But…I AM addicted to the good, deep sleep I get with cannabis edibles.  I AM addicted to the improved digestive system since using cannabis edibles.  I AM addicted to the lack of hunger pangs and loss of access weight since I started using Cannabis.  I AM addicted to the joy I feel in helping so many people who have aches, pains, or addictions to opioid prescription drugs that have found the best relief in consuming Cannabis with no sustained side effects.

While certain studies have suggested that up to 10% of habitual Cannabis users are “addicted”, there are no verifiable cases of a “marijuana overdose”. I would also suggest these people would be addicted to any pleasurable product or substance in the world. Many of those who are supposedly “addicted” have had other drug, alcohol or cigarette habits besides Cannabis and prefer a high THC strain of the product for the “high” with little regard for the health benefits of normal CBD versions of the weed.

It is a well-known fact that caffeine, sugar, nicotine and certain foods are much more addictive than Cannabis…yet none of those products are “illegal”  controlled substances.

Fortunately, the masses are realizing the huge benefits of normal, stable use of Cannabis for one’s health and beginning to reject the global “Pharma Mafias” who will not support legalization until they are “guaranteed” the right to control weed and its markets via their paid for government.

While we are encouraged by the increased educational levels of the masses towards Cannabis, we are quite sure the “drug wars” will continue for quite a while longer even after deregulation.  The state and national governments are over regulating the industry to the point where taxes and regulatory limitations make it impossible for the legal producers to compete with the unregulated cartels.  When prices double simply based on taxes and costs of producing under very controlled environments and expensive licenses…the black market will always be there to fill the gap.

I like my “addictions” based on the use of Cannabis edibles.  No, I don’t need an intervention or further regulation thank you, and I don’t really care whether you tyrannical authorities legalize it or not.  I will find a way to feed my addiction to good physical, social, and mental health…even if I have to grow my own plants to sustain a productive life.

There is no justification for putting Marijuana on a controlled substance list…apart from reasons of graft, corruption, and selective rationalizing.

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