Inclusion is good…but not free

lincoln quote on welfare

The huddled masses of the world are slowly rising in both numbers and influence as they pursue inclusion in governance and economic opportunity.

While we applaud mass resistance to our dark world full of corrupt cronyism in governance where strings are pulled by a few over the many…the question always arises eventually “who or what will replace today’s hopeless, clueless leaders of a statist world”?

We fall 100% on the side of individual sovereignty over statist sovereignty…but it must be recognized that without taking responsibility for oneself and/or our families, those who rely on welfare from the state have very little right to demand individual freedom or sovereignty.  As the old proverb goes, “neither a lender nor a debtor be”…

That being said since most of us are coerced into paying tribute and tax to national interests of some kind somewhere…there should be no hesitation to criticize or demand rights under governments who are supposedly democratic. Yet, our western civilization is quickly and quietly losing global controls on governance which in many places of the world are being replaced by old recycled calls for Socialism or Communism. Outright tyranny by states run by family fiefdoms such as we see in Saudi Arabia, Syria and other derelict dictatorships around the world should no longer be tolerated.  At the same time, counting on governments and militaries to fight our battles will only lead to WW3 and “Armageddon”.  The world is best controlled through trade and economic ties…not importing/exporting of more weapons or nukes.

Meanwhile, the USA continues it hedonistic, ingrown ways of thumbing its virtual nose at the international community politically while reducing to rubble the individual rights and protections of their own constitution.  If an American wants to see how limited their rights have become compared to many parts of the world, they only need to get out to another country for a few months and look back through the window of America’s huge national debt and relative ignorance of its inhabitants regarding global affairs or cultures. A great majority of Americans have grown fat and content living off big government programs the past 70+ years.  They blindly demand more security and “handouts” from their government without being able or willing to pay for those governmental benefits.  We see this most recently in the fight over who gets and who pays for healthcare in America.

If we want freedom and independence from government regulations and controls, we must learn to live and support ourselves independently of those government programs. More mass inclusion in world support systems is good, but will not be effective if the masses don’t have the right or ability to withdraw from tyrannical leaders.

Freedom is not “free”.  If you live by the state, you will die by the state.  If you want to have a voice over the state…you’d better have the financial power to control your representative government.  Otherwise, you will find yourself under the thumb of dynasties and dictatorships who DO control governments…much like we now see in the USA.

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