“Bud” versus “Bud Light”

Taxation and shortage of product in Nevada…

The hoopla around the legalization of Cannabis in over 28+ states in the USA is causing some hideous distortions at all levels of government.

Users and business owners alike are being “raped and pillaged” financially in order to use or do business in the booming markets of Cannabis.

Now that education and truth are coming out on the subject, it is time for all concerned citizens to push back regarding the surreal amount of regulations and taxes being charged all around for access to LEGAL Cannabis. If it is not questioned at the State level, the Feds will have a field day when they get around to exchanging legalization for “taxes”.

Two main reasons to change this are 1) the unconstitutional preference of one business or product over another when it comes to taxation, and 2) this plays into the hands of the illegal, “cheaper” products in the marketplace from the “black market”.  Some entities in government and law enforcement want to retain prohibition as a source of millions of dollars of assets seized annually under this false prohibition reasoning. Either way you look at it, users of Cannabis are paying way more than a fair share of taxes to support these states.  Sure, these governments espouse the positivity of having more money for education and other state causes these taxes supposedly provide…but it seems obvious that there are many fingers in the “pot” that don’t belong there.

Cannabis should be taxed no differently than other Pharma drugs that are more addictive and dangerous. When sales tax on a Budweiser is 4.6% in Nevada, compared to a 10% sales tax and 15% “cultivation” tax on your favorite “bud”…well, the distortion is obvious.

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