The “Russian” political hot potatoe

Speaking of overthrowing governments…

We continue to believe that the media is totally overblowing the real issues with Russia just because they conceivably hate Trump more than the “Communists”.

It is about time presidents or even president “elects”, were communicating with and trying to work out issues with our old nemesis, Russia.  What is up with all the ASSUMPTIONS that somehow Trump and his staff are breaking the law regarding Russia?  We have still not seen any PROOF of the Russian government being hackers in the election…only “interpretations” and assumptions regarding the people behind hackers.  There are thousands of hacks in the USA every day from Russia and elsewhere. While pros can usually tell where hacks originated…it is not that easy, if not impossible, to call out the sources or reasons for the hacks. Knowing this, we have to question government agencies like “homeland security” coming out publicly with their pronouncements of GOVERNMENT hacking.

What the American people should really be wondering is why the political sources of these accusations are all the war hawks in Congress…on BOTH sides of the aisle.  It is quite obvious to us that these accusations are primarily being used to keep the current president in “check” regarding getting too close to the Russians.  After all…for decades our government has used fear and ongoing conflicts in regions we have no business fighting in to gain American’s support for military actions and spending in the Billions of dollars.  Without Russia, China and others as great “menaces”, they would have to make up some new reasons to spend and use the tremendous amount of weaponry we American’s produce, distribute, and use across the world in “conflict zones”.

We are convinced that Trump is actually on the right track by talking to and doing “deals” with Russia.  We have always argued that trading partners hardly ever go to war against each other.  It is Congressmen like McCain who trouble us with their ties to the Department of Defense, the Saudis, Israel, and money from the massive defense contractors.  These are the people “calling out” and accusing the Russian government and Putin of everything from Hillary’s election loss to shortages of Russian caviar in the USA. The American government overall is bought and paid for.

Let’s simply admit that most of those jumping on the anti-Russian bandwagon or accusing Trump of illegal dealings with them have no real clue or proof regarding any of these things.  Most are just forwarding or frothing about information that is only worthy of tabloids such as the “National Enquirer”.  These accusations are not worth starting World War 3 over…and if you don’t think that is the agenda of many in global governance,  you have had your head buried in USA soil for way too long.



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  1. Jeanne McDonagh July 11, 2017 — 5:53 pm

    Totally agree with this assessment! And now Trump Jr.? Really? His emails are from almost a year ago but the media needs to find something wrong about the Trumps and Russia. I remember before he left office, Obama said that there are Russians hackers who hack at a high school level of hacking and they could never get into our election process. Every day there is a new “the sky is falling” alarm from the media regarding Trump and the Russians. They just can’t come up with anything! At the recent summit, Putin commented, after their meeting, that Donald Trump was much brighter and smarter than he thought from all the media coverage, which indicates to me that he had not had previous contact with Trump. I agree that Trump and the Russians should be meeting for all the reasons you stated.


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