Whats the difference between hacking data versus cryptocurrencies?

Hacker guilty of hacking the criminals…

We find this article somewhat ironic in light of the “Panama Papers” debacle we have been following and writing about these past months.

The core question is…why is this individual hacker guilty of a crime against other “dark” and criminal elements by stealing their cryptocurrencies, but the ICIJ and their associate(s) who hacked into and stole the Panamanian private legal documents from the lawyers of thousands of clients are innocent?

Is there an ethical difference between stealing crypto data or digital documents?  Does it make a difference whether the crime was committed against innocent parties versus criminal entities?  Who even filed the charges in this “hack”?  If it was the criminals, that is pretty brazen to use a legal system to support illegal commerce.

We do not see any difference in values or intent between hacking cryptocurrency or hacking other digital assets such as contracts and private agreements between parties.  Contracts and information are often more valuable than the value of a certain number of BitCoins. Where is the crime differential?  They are either both a crime…or neither is.

In this case, stealing is stealing.  If they are going after Mr. Richo for hacking the “bad guys”, then those who stole or profited from the stolen “Panama Papers” should be in the paddock right behind this hacker. If stealing is stealing, then journalists or any other party who steals and distributes private documentation and information should be held just as accountable.

But no…the world is rewarding ICIJ and other liberal news organizations with money and accolades, and the country of Panama and the lawyers who were hacked seem to have no say or claim otherwise.


These and many other issues are being addressed in  “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.


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