If this isn’t corruption…

…We don’t know what is.

Defense contractors on government panel controlling Department of Defence spending…

“Those corporations every year do billions of dollars of business with the Department of Defense — and have given more than $2.2 million in campaign contributions to members of the House Armed Services Committee, which is responsible for approving changes to DoD funding.”

How can people read these articles and not call out the USA government on its total lack of accountability and corrupt electoral processes?

The USA government budgets and the regulatory environment represent some of the largest examples of corruption in government we can find worldwide.  The Federal Government has the media and electorate well trained to “go along” with anything that represents “making America safe”.

This is another example of the truthful saying, “those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither one…”

The new Trump administration has been obviously herded in line behind these forces of corruption just like every other administration before it.

People who fear and decry Trump should think again about who really controls these moves and budgets.  Congress and their committees are the ones who determine budgets and taxation.  Not the president.


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