Who is responsible for people’s addictions?


This article underscores a core principle we have been arguing for years now. If Big Pharma wants to keep people under regulatory controls regarding outlawing organic substances like Marijuana while maintaining it’s massive system of pushing static opioids in the world order…they had better get ready to pay.

We have long known that the Big Pharma and healthcare mafia in the USA have been controlling most of the congress regarding lifting the federal prohibition on Cannabis. No one has ever died of a Marijuana overdose while tens of thousands of Americans die each year from overdoses and misdiagnosis of statin drugs.

How can the average citizen any longer trust a system so corrupt as to withhold access to organic medicine contained in Cannabis from the millions of people who have and continue to rely on it…while at the same time buying whatever pills the doctors, hospitals, and pharma want to push down your throats?  Meanwhile, the insurers and government play their parts by paying for these overpriced killer pills while denying access to more proven, holistic products such as Cannabis…all through unconstitutional regulations and decrees.

While Cannabis can be “stinky” to use or prepare…the legal systems that continue denying its use even though 28+ states have legalized it in one form or another, is even more overwhelming in its ugly odor. Very few at the federal government level are willing to deal with this because they are bought and paid for…and/or clearly brainwashed by the special interests and PACs that surround them with money in Washington DC.

While we are pro Cannabis, we are equally ANTI statin drugs.  If these companies are going to cause so much death and addiction in our country,  just like the tobacco companies…they should be liable for the loss of lives and health in the thousands that they cause every year.  Unfortunately, the base result would be same as it has been with tobacco.  The big companies will simply pay whatever fines and fees to the government forces, then pass those costs on to their poor addicted customers. It’s the USERs who pay for these regulations and taxes…not the big corporations.  Get a clue.

In general, we believe PEOPLE should be responsible for their own decisions and addictions…not the rest of society.  This principle alone would save our economy billions in social support and legal costs.  This alone would halve the price of both statin drugs and organic products like Cannabis.  The people do not need to be told what they can/can’t consume.  They simply need to be told the consequences of their actions if they consume that which is harmful.

The regulatory environment makes it very clear that regulators are a means unto themselves.  They perpetuate the need, and therefore the price, of their services for society.  And the majority just continue accepting whatever this system doles out to them…in products, in taxes, and inflated costs of regulation.  They love having YOUR money run through THEIR systems.

In summary,  we either treat all killing substances equally at the government level…or we simply take these middlemen out of the equation and let the people and markets determine which substances at what price to pursue their health…or their oblivion. It is obviously impossible for governments to be objective in this realm. Right now the government is partly to blame for the cost of drugs, and the death toll that derives from their actions.


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