Your Passport is not “yours”


We often hear people talking about losing or renewing THEIR passports.

With this recent international incident involving NBA basketballer, Enes Kanter who is a Turkish citizen and passport holder, we underscore the importance of understanding that your passport is not “yours”.  It is considered the property of your domestic government who can issue, delay or decline a passport at any moment…with no cause or due process of law. This not only applies to Turkey…but also in the USA, Canada and beyond. You can also ask Edward Snowden or Julian Assange about these revocations as well.

Because of this reality, thousands upon thousands of people are seeking 2nd passports or even totally repatriating because of the tyrannies of their home countries.  A majority of global citizens have no ability or interest in traveling or living outside their home countries.  This does not make it right to limit the minorities who do from traveling freely and speaking freely their minds. Almost all governments in power attempt to limit the rights and voices of their oppositions. Power over the passport is one small way they do so.

Whilst we agree with this article’s points regarding the Turkish government being a repressive dictatorship, we must also understand that this same thing happens almost daily in North America to dissidents of current government administrations.

It is only since the misnomered “Patriot Act” that the USA government could “legally” detain American citizens, their passports, and assets WITHOUT due process of constitutional law.  This act was the final straw that broke the Constitution’s back. Whoever the perpetrators of 9/11 are, they accomplished their goals. Any Americans who think they truly live under a democratic, constitutional government is ignorant…or delusional at best.

If you are big enough or rich enough to afford expensive constitutional lawyers in the USA, you MIGHT have some chance at due process.  Meanwhile, the average guy in the street has no idea how susceptible they are to the whims or police actions of their federal government.  It seems we have gone the way of other totalitarian regimes such as China, Russia, Cuba…and Turkey…when it comes to individual freedoms and sovereignty in North America. In reality, these are sad times in the USA’s history.

We continue to stand for freedom and justice for all sovereign individuals worldwide. Whether it is Enes Kanter from Turkey, or Joe Blow from Cincinnati, we believe there are few truly sovereign republics in the world anymore.  Instead, you have “rabble rule” and rigged elections. Most of the world has no idea how brainwashed and helpless they really are against their governments run by the dark forces behind the corporate industrial complex.

There are no simple solutions with these many decades of misdirected governance.  Tyranny runs the world, not democracy.

While Enes Kanter may eventually get a USA passport, it does not guarantee that he can speak openly about his political views.  Freedom of movement, speech, and control of one’s assets are seriously compromised most anywhere in the world, including the USA of recent decades. Good luck to a high profile person such as Mr. Kanter.

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