Perpetual war bad for the American people


Since the end of World War 2, no nation has been more of a warmonger than the USA government.  Unfortunately, the USA hasn’t won a war since then either. (OK…I guess you could say we “won” in our invasions of Panama (1989) and Grenada (1983) although what and at what price none of us really knows. Classified, classified, classified…)

Sure, we supported some winners, like the Zionists of Israel in their short conflicts of 1948, 1967, and 1973 in the Middle East…the result of which has been “apartheid” in Palestine. Maybe we should be hiring Israel to do our fighting for us in the future?  Of course, we already fund all of their conflicts on top of our own.

With all this flag waving and honoring our warriors and their fallen comrades…you’d think we were winning all these battles.  When you add up the trillions of dollars and thousands of lives we have spent on these wars, you would surely expect us to have more to show for it as the latest global empire.

If we stand back and look at the big picture, it is pretty sad and disgusting what Americans have allowed their government and “commanders in chiefs” to do in the name of “democracy” and “justice”. Most of our conflicts have produced neither. Our economic “storehouses” are empty (social security funds, Medicaid, etc…), while welfare and entitlements for baby boomers and the elderly continue rising every year. In response to all this, it seems Congress and our Presidents find ongoing warfare the only “solution” to keep the people’s minds on other “realities”.  It’s all a sham and coverup.

We have a new president who swears he will “make America great again”, yet he seems committed to increasing Pentagon budgets and escalating our military efforts all over the world.  How is this supposed to benefit the average American?  We know it is more about keeping the corporate military complex happy and in action…on the backs of the American taxpayers.

Our suggested solution for “making America great again” has long been to reallocate our resources and start making long term, difficult investments in the true ingredients that will make us “great” again.  Bring our militaries home…unless a foreign government is willing to pay for our “defensive” capabilities.  Truly enforce our borders and defend us on our own lands.  We do NOT need to have boots on the ground in over 150 countries…yet we are now putting them in Syria. What a terrible move.  Obviously, the Pentagon is running this new administration just like it did the Obama and Bush presidencies before.

Meanwhile, the average American wage is declining against cost of living.  Our education systems are abysmal in general.  Factory jobs are NOT coming back to America no matter what this new president says.  The American dollar and economy…while trading at all time highs…are getting ready for a major correction in value. The whole banking system is on the verge of total reconstruction based on cryptocurrencies and new Financial technologies that will bring parity to foreign powers.  New trading blocks are arising in various parts of the world to “end around” the strong arm tactics of the USA government regulators.   Pretty soon, if not already, you will have more free enterprise and freedom to live in some third world and BRIC countries than you have in the USA. When all this happens, it will be the poor average American citizen left holding the bag of insurmountable debt and international obligations.  We should not have to.

It is time for Americans of all political, religious and ethnic persuasions to stand up to these runaway governments.  Force them to “take care of America first”.  Only then will America be truly safe from the “evil doers”.  The most dangerous “evil doers” are undermining us right here in our own corporate military complex.  It is time to put them out of commission.  Forget marching for women’s rights.  Forget marching for racial equality.  Forget marching for climate change or the environment.  March to get us out of the global quagmire of undeclared wars and foreign funding. If we don’t do that, none of your other “rights” will matter in the end.

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