Buy American…Hire American?

america first

President Trump’s new bill and stumping for his “Buy American…hire American” program strikes us as great rhetoric but with very questionable results to be expected.

While we Americans predictably raise the American flag with the administration on this theme…we cannot help but fault many fundamental flaws of this “America first” mentality.

A few of the obvious questions are:

  1. Won’t this mentality significantly raise the cost of American goods if all jobs, materials, and management will now be at new higher minimum wages that will obviously demand the rise of wholesale and retail prices that reflect those costs? Hyperinflation…here we come.
  2. We already have huge trade imbalances in the USA…we import much more than we export.  These protectionistic moves will make our exports unaffordable…and imports will need to be significantly reduced to force domestic consumption which means the poorer foreign countries get poorer and more menacing.
  3. Since we are already seeing tremendous reductions of jobs based on technology and robots…won’t this fuel the drive to more quickly replacing human jobs with computerization and robots?  After all, robots don’t unionize, need vacations and time off, nor do they suffer from typical human stress and anxiety that affects productivity.
  4. Now, if we ship all those gifted foreign H1B Visa holders back to their countries of origin, won’t they now be competing AGAINST the USA versus supporting USA productivity and companies?
  5. Isn’t this action opposite the realities of “globalization”?  We are convinced that globalization is here to stay and any country (or company) that isolates itself from competing in the world will soon find itself losing market share,  profitability, competitiveness, and completely isolated in global affairs (can you say “Venezuela”, “Cuba”, “Brazil” etc?).  The USA is NOT too big to fail, contrary to common folklore and could easily go down the same road.
  6. While in the SHORT run these actions may increase job revenues and tax flow in the USA, what will it be like in 20 years when 50% of common labor jobs have disappeared due to technology advancements…in the midst of such a population boom as we have? We can no longer base the government’s future viability economically on “income taxes”.  We quickly need a new paradigm change regarding finance of the government.

It is obvious that this program is purely a political ploy to appease voters, but is in no way a long-term solution to what ails our country.  False protection of non-competitive jobs and markets are not going to resolve the imbalances of our world economically.  It will not restore the middle class we have lost.  It will simply continue giving false hope to the increasingly unprepared masses regarding what the future holds.  As more people become unemployable against the technological advancements of our world…there will simply be more revolution and bloodshed in the streets from idle hands and vacuous minds.  EVERYWHERE.

We already see major USA technology companies building “panic rooms” inside their corporate fortresses.  Why do you think that is?  We see the federal government building more prisons and secure compounds within the USA.  Why do you think that is?  We already see the financial writing on the wall with most all our social funds in the USA drying up and going bust…after already being raided by the government for decades to cover other big gaps in the dike of empty political promises, unwinnable wars, and unfunded programs.

We don’t relish downing all these programs put forth by Trump and many previous administrations.  There are no easy answers…and we did not get to this very insecure, scary moment in time and space suddenly.  We also will not fix these problems very quickly as the money to do so rests in the accounts of a very small amount of people and corporations in the world who control a vast majority…of everything.

The USA became the “Super Power” by winning the second world war along with all its allies.  From there, the lessons learned regarding productivity and self-sacrifice began losing their significance generation to generation to where we now have the most polarized, divided, dumbed-down population America has ever known.  To now turn around and say we are going to re-build America with protectionism and more regulated markets should excite the global powers salivating at the destruction of American dreams and values.  Our dreams are coming up empty while our values are purely selfish and simplistic.

We totally understand the attraction of “making America great again”…but to say we will do so by legislation and “hope” in the shadow of the growing global realities is a pure fairy tale.  We know it might gain temporary votes and pats on the backs of politicians…but it will not solve the economic dilemma that a century of big government mismanagement has produced.  It is pure insanity to think that a repeat of past mistakes in governance will produce different results.

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