Kudos to Jerry Brown for easing MJ regulations in California



“Industry insiders say that Governor Brown’s proposal (to reduce regulations) would allow businesses to thrive without the need to hire outside distribution or go through local licensing.”

Kudos to California Governor Jerry Brown on his leadership in liberalizing the Cannabis trade in California.  While he and his government don’t seem to have any more of a clue about balancing government budgets than the FEDs do, on this issue he is absolutely spot on in getting government out of the way of progress economically and medically.

As usual, it takes a large, liberally based state like California to keep other governments both state and federal honest about such issues that should never be determined by federal law and courts.  For the past 80+ years, Federal prohibition on many things, not least of which is Cannabis, have been hurting the health of Americans both medically and economically.

As we have been tracking for decades now, the “war on drugs” has been/is a dismal failure and total waste of taxpayers money.  All these regulations have done is keep substances under the control of multiple cartels…who are in bed with most of these governments in the Western Hemisphere, including the CIA and other “legal” entities. The governmental smoke and mirrors regarding Cannabis are especially thick and corrupt in the USA.  Finally, a governor like Jerry Brown is providing some rational leadership on the issue.

While it is fine to delineate between products that are “low in THC” versus “high in CBD” and label them “medical” and “recreational”, the fact is that all these forms of Cannabis, when used properly, are healthy for various types of physical conditions. In addition, we do not need federal guidelines or taxation on the easiest and healthiest weed that grows so readily in multiple climates and conditions.  It would be more moral to prohibit alcohol and tobacco…but we know that isn’t going to happen, don’t we?  And we know why…BIG money interests tied to the government.

You can be sure that as soon as our government can figure out how to CONTROL all aspects of growing and distributing Cannabis…it will magically come off the “Schedule 1” federal list of prohibited substances.  It’s sad that countries like Canada, Colombia, Uruguay, and many others are so much more progressive and less corrupt in their dealing with the substances, especially when such a major percentage of users in the world are USA citizens…including 4 of the last 5 American Presidents.

Having this prohibition on Cannabis is like prohibiting “rubbing alcohol”, motor oil,  various weed poisons and other products readily available on your grocery or drug store shelves.  These products will kill you if you ingest them…but apparently, our government is not concerned about that.  We the people are trusted to know how to use those potentially fatal substances that any 5 year old can buy.  Yet, Cannabis, which CAN’T kill you, can’t be sold in the same store?

While we have gone along with the state-by-state legalization of “medical” marijuana just because we had to take what we can get towards progress…it is now time to start admitting that this whole industry is being manipulated and productized by big players connected to Big Government in a totally corrupt and unnecessary manner.  The licensing requirements to participate in the business of Cannabis is ridiculously tedious and expensive.  Instead of letting markets control who gets to produce and sell Cannabis to the huge populations of our world that use it…these politicos and their medical mafias have put themselves in the breach of legality and accountability.  This is making the product 3-4 times more expensive than it need be.  Since it is a product which uses are more common with the majority poor, it would be most humane to simply let every human cultivate and use their own plants (see the list of States that allow personal growing HERE ).  But, that would be too simple and not produce enough government revenues, so we have these thousands of pages of regulations, definitions, and preference of some strains of the plant over others.  This should never be the role of our federal government.

Just like so many other organic weeds and herbs, there should be no additional limits or regulations on how these products are produced and distributed than what any other herbal supplement business experiences.   If anything, prohibition has increased the interest and knowledge of Cannabis to its current, higher scientific levels…so in the long run, prohibition may turn into a good thing that forces people to learn about it.  Right now, government prohibitions are prolonging the suffering of many thousands who medically need the product…and tens of thousands more are dying from statin drug overdoses and misdiagnosis every year. The time has come to get government out of the Cannabis business and get on with their true constitutional duties of defending the country’s borders and handling international trade agreements and legal enforcement thereof.

We predict when reason totally sets in…Marijuana will one day be just another weed that you can grow in your backyard like fruits and vegetables do.  We don’t need to buy them from government dispensaries at 4 times the price.  As long as that is happening, there will always be a black market for reasonably priced, non-government regulated product.  Jerry Brown has been smart enough to see that and get more reasonable about letting the market grow without gouging users, patients and taxpayers. The only people unhappy about this are politicos in his state on both sides of the aisle…who think THEY should control these things.

It is now time for the FEDs to do the same.  Let business and the markets thrive in the Cannabis industry.  We need liberty and prosperity to rule…especially with a simple, productive product like Cannabis.

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