Cruise missiles fired on Syria by the USA

cruise missile launch

It is now evident that the new Trump administration is picking up where previous administrations left off…allowing the USA military and tax dollars to be used on flexing military muscle throughout the world. Yesterday they fired over 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air force base.  This puts Trump and the USA in the middle of the lunacy of the Syrian conflict which involves ISIS, Russia, and many other governments and terrorist organizations.  As if Trump didn’t have enough on his hands?  Perhaps this is simply cover for the many other areas that the new administration is struggling with.

Some of the greatest hoaxes of our lifetime are the false justifications we have allowed our US government to use for involving US military might in conflicts way out of our control.  If one starts connecting the dots between the atrocities of 9/11 and our subsequent military invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria…we begin to see how Americans are being duped into continued bloodletting and empire building through outright deceit and corruption by our leaders.  Then if you honestly read and evaluate the “Patriot Act”,  FATCA, and other new legislations that have completely undermined constitutional rights of individual citizens…the smoke and mirrors just continue to develop around these issues. The USA as a nation is now undermined by its leaders who have not been able to satisfactorily answer the many questions about the REAL story on 9/11, the false “weapons of mass destruction” claims for invading Iraq, and the longest conflict still going in Afghanistan that you hardly see any news coverage on anymore.  What gives?  I think we know if we want to be honest about it.

As Ron Paul has already pointed out, Syria has not attacked the USA…so what justification can there be for launching aggressive cruise missiles on the Assad regime? And while we are at it, how are ANY of these international invasions without a declaration of war constitutional?

Obviously many Americans have not thought this through nor forced our government to act constitutionally.  Even former congressional leaders like Ron Paul have little influence over the “powers that be” in the federal government for limiting the use of our armed forces and weapons on international targets.  And typical Americans have no understanding of why our country is so reviled throughout so much of the world?

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue.  All recent administrations have used cruise missiles and/or sent military excursions to effect the wants of American government entities.  They have all lied to us about the reasons or circumstances around their invasive plans.  It is obvious our governments do not deserve our blind trust or support.

We agree with many other sources quoted the last 24 hours that this looks like a “false flag” event (the poison gas bombing in Syria).  There is no logical explanation of why Assad would do this where and when he supposedly did.

It seems quite obvious to us that the Pentagon is primarily running “the show” when it comes to our international entanglements. What spectacular justifications we see for using/testing our weapons and forces outside of the USA.  The main justification seems to be that “it is better to fight on foreign soil than on our own”.  While this selfishness may be fully understandable as no one wants a war on their own soil…it is time for we average Americans to question and restrain our government and its military from unconstitutional incursions or unprovoked attacks on the various countries we currently occupy or invade.  You cannot push a lasting peace under the threat of the sword. That only works in Hollywood movies…which is where it seems most Americans get their views and news about anything outside the US of A.

So, here we go again…this time Syria.


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