Its BIG Government against Internet neutrality…


Two cases in the past week of major government movements against a free internet once again clearly state the waves of current government moves around the world to censure or control what is bought or sold on the internet and where.

Most governments can block their citizens from web content with simple IP blocking of websites from access through their major IP providers in each country. In these significant days of so many governments controlling what their citizens can or can’t do with their money, their international tax rates or their freedoms of travel…these attacks on Internet liberties are one of the quietest, most effective ways tyrannies can gain control over their “subjects”.  We are alarmed at the tepid reactions of freedom loving global patriots everywhere over these breaches of civil liberties.

It is especially concerning when one of the biggest federal culprits to pursue corrupt controls over the internet is the USA, the main founder of the historic internet protocols over the past 3-4 decades that have now connected the world.  Now the USA Congress has quickly and quietly passed legislation giving control to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) over the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to set the rules for privacy and personal data use online. 

The key changes that have been quietly passed are allowing ISPs in the USA to share/sell biographical and browsing history of their constituents. When you track the Congresspersons who voted on this while taking big payments from ISPs for their election campaigns, it is obvious how corruptive regulations allow big business corporations to have more rights than the majority masses who have no understanding of what these regulations mean.  When government and their big business benefactors can simply pass regulations giving up all citizens privacy or controls over their information and private movements on the internet…we move into another major phase of “Big Brother” domination that in the long run will be harder to contain or reverse.  The more we relinquish our individual rights and sovereignties to Big Government manipulations, we continue our march into the virtual death camps of misused and abused data which can keep us in the dark forever.

Privacy in the USA is almost completely gone now between the historic “Patriot’s Act” to these quiet manipulations by federal agencies in the USA to control and disseminate your private information that should be any individual’s right to maintain and protect. Between our addictions to our cellphones to that camera staring at you from your laptop or tablet through which your government and/or ISP could be staring and spying on you right now…you are now submitting yourself voluntarily to have your image, the data on your phone or computer, and your total browsing history to anyone in the world who wants to pay for your innermost, personal habits or access to information.  Once these powers have this access…we become much easier to regulate and control as individuals among the masses.

The other example of overstepping reasonable technology controls this week is the Colombian government’s move against “Net neutrality” in order to potentially eliminate UBER from offering its software services to the Colombian market.  These actions are obviously fronted by the mafias and syndicates who control local transport systems via expensive taxes and licenses to be levied on various levels of the transportation system. Huge license and plate fees are placed on the bus and taxi drivers or owners, normally dished out through local bodies of corrupt protectionism.  Now with the UBERization of the world in transport and so many other industries being confronted by the disruption good technology brings…governments continue to seek ways to control and use the Internet to subjugate its citizens and enterprises to conform to out of control BIG government practices. The biggest silent war on our planet today is the masses against the government/industrial complex through which the big global banks control and quietly influence all world governance at an alarming level.

While this subject is much bigger than space and time allows us to cover in this format, we raise the alarm that allowing any particular government to arbitrate or filter the “WWW” (world wide web)  should in and of itself be grounds to isolate any country from any international Internet access.  Imagine if we had a world government body over the Internet that was powerful enough to isolate a tyrannical country from “the system”? That country would be more devastated by the lack of access to information or markets than any bomb or economic “embargo”  could ever hope to accomplish.

The “Cyberwars” have begun as described in Richard Stiennon’s “There Will be Cyberwar” which clearly reveals how vulnerable the “WWW” is to previous disruptions of internet security for payments,  stealing of sensitive data and global distribution of stolen data for personal or political gain internationally.  The challenge to keep the Internet FREE, unfiltered and maintain this powerful gateway for all future international commerce to flow means coming up with more effective global protections for NET neutrality.  If we simply allow various countries like the USA, Colombia, China and others to unilaterally control what gets shared…the ability of we global citizens to maintain private communications and objectivity in the media will become next to impossible.

The final point is, while it is enviable to think that any of us could be in a position to control the internet for our own commercial, political or religious purposes…that goal should always be viewed an immoral choice.  Just like most modern governments have passed laws against monopolies, corrupt business practices and for enforcement of international contracts…the world needs to be in more of a hurry to squash any government’s attempts to limit its citizen’s rights to privacy AND access to goods and information.  Until we have those rights implemented for all in the global arena,  we will continue to see the marginalization by governments of all truth or free exchange of goods and information that currently dominate the Internet. It is for each individual to pursue truth and objectivity without government filters through equal and open access to a free and independent internet…GLOBALLY.

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