A single-payer healthcare plan for the USA?


“And government health care programs turn out to be very popular, among both Democratic and Republican voters. Medicare is a huge success. Medicaid also works well, and some Republicans have defended it in recent weeks.

So if voters like government-provided health care and Republicans are going to undermine private markets, what should Democrats do? When they are next in charge, they should expand government health care.

They should expand Medicaid further into the working class. They should open Medicare to people in their early 60s. They should add a so-called public option to the private markets. They should push the United States closer to single-payer health insurance. It will take time and involve setbacks, but they are likely to succeed in the long run.”

It is with regret and hesitancy that we suggest now favoring a rational, well funded, single-payer, public healthcare program for the USA.  While it goes against most every grain of our Libertarian-leaning views…we surrender to this idea more out of desperation than for believing it is the best option Americans can embrace.

Our reluctant support is more about the total failure of the USA government and its supporters from the world’s largest healthcare cartels of America to come up with a balanced plan for every American.  The best solution would be allowing private insurance to function in a free market while offering an effective “safety net” of coverage for all citizens of the country. Since there is such a huge chasm between rational service demands and the irrational prices and profits Big Pharma and hospital systems require…this balanced offering seems impossible for our current government to get their minds or relationships lined up behind.

Since the USA citizenry is so divided politically and philosophically, one cannot expect a large majority of them to get behind any current plans being offered or discussed.  The minority wealthy do not want to be responsible for paying the healthcare costs of others, and the majority of Americans can’t even afford the “adjusted” rates or charges negotiated in the Obamacare system.  Obamacare has forced Doctors and clinics we know in the USA to discontinue their practices in low-income zones where insurance does not reach…while private health systems continue to thrive with record profit margins on static drugs and the most basic of medical checkups or tests. Only the elite can afford today’s best health care, and the majority who count on Medicare, Medicaid, or the Veterans Administration for their support often suffer in long lines and experience inadequate care. Misdiagnosis and statin drug overdoses are among the leading causes of deaths in the USA today…so are we really getting the care we think we deserve or pay for?  We don’t think so.

The next question is, how can LatAm countries offer these same statin drugs, MRIs, CAT scans, etc at less than one-third the price than the USA?  Having most of these products imported from the USA and/or Canada at such reduced prices makes one realize the TRUE cost of medicine or professional care worldwide.  For this reason, we believe this is an exceptional situation where government needs to reluctantly step in to assure the most basic care for their citizens that most all other first world countries offer.  It doesn’t take totalitarian socialism to accomplish this, but it does require a balance between allowing for-profit enterprises in healthcare to compete while ensuring that no truly needy citizen goes without at least the most basic of health service.  We don’t think this should include paying for people’s birth control, abortions or cosmetic elective surgeries…but everyone can and should have a basic safety net of medical support available when truly needed.

Again, we would prefer a system where all healthcare providers can charge and bill independently…but since so many of those providers are overreaching in the pricing of their products / services and America’s tort or malpractice laws cause so many lawsuits leading to delayed payments and huge costs of collection, it seems the only solution is the final solution.  One government agency needs to control how much is taken in for the system, and come up with some standardized pricing upon which a country can budget the true costs of healthcare.

It seems to be the only humanitarian answer for now…until all parties involved get more real with the costs of providing basic service to all.

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