Its about the Congress, stupid



Typical Americans do not seem to understand their own constitutional government or its balance of powers.

If you believe today’s spin/money driven media sources, the USA president is the reason for everything good or bad that happens in the USA.  What most people don’t seem to realize is the sitting president can do nothing long term when it comes to budgets or passing laws.  It is the 535 members of Congress who control legislation and the national budget through its two branches, the House and the Senate.  Presidents primarily exercise power through executive orders that still must be ratified by the Congress…and pass legal muster with the Supreme and federal courts.

Yet today, most of the media and people in the street purely discuss the pros or cons of what the “president” is doing.  From our standpoint, we are truly tired of the vacuous, jingoistic attitudes of our media towards both former President Obama and the current President Trump.  While both are guilty of misrepresenting or exaggerating relevant statistics to the electorate on most major issues facing our country…at the end of the day, it is our Congress who should be on the front line of accountability when it comes to budgets, healthcare plans, and military actions or expenditures. Yet, most American voters have little knowledge of how their local congressmen and ladies vote on the major issues of the day…and they continue voting for the same representatives election after election. This is insanity if you are truly looking to change the government you have.

In the most recent setback for President Trump regarding the repeal and replacement of “Obamacare”,  it should be no shock that the mysterious new plan of the administration has not been supported. As Trump himself said…”Who would have thought health care could be so complicated”?  Duh! When you have such a divided congress trying to come up with a plan that reels in the huge health care mafias that fund them with so many decades of mismanagement and decadence…why is anyone surprised?

We measure all opinions on the subject to whether a commentator has read the actual bill(s) being put forward.  Most people are simply regurgitating unverified chatter on the subject as substantiation of their opinions.  This is neither news or journalism.  It certainly isn’t “informed”. We are quite convinced many if not most of the congressional members have not read the bill before voting on it. Most of them vote per phone calls received from key PAC supporters or hierarchy of their parties.  Phone calls or emails from their constituents are way down the list in affecting their votes.

The quickest way to fix this are the following points:

  • Congress members should have the same term limits as the Presidency.  This helps avoid the long term, inbred corruption of money and relationships that currently control our legislative body.
  • Hearings and documents related to our government should be open to the voting public in general.  We no longer blindly believe our government nor support their claims to having the right to “classify” their statements on these important issues.
  • Whatever health care programs are funded and executed should be the same for congressional representatives as they are for the general electorate.  No more “Cadillac” plans for politicos.
  • Congress must be forced to live on a balanced budget just like every citizen and business does.  No more covering up a bad economy or debts by continually printing money out of thin air by the FED.
  • PACs and corporate gifts to political campaigns should be limited the same as individual donors are. To allow the obvious buying of votes and influence should be prohibited by our constitution.
  • We must eliminate the huge lifetime benefits federal politicians get from our system.  We cannot afford them, and they do not earn them.
  • Pull our military men and armaments out of every conflict that is not a “declared war” by congress (and the people). This is the fastest step towards an effective defense of our borders, and reduction of a military budget out of control.
  • Finally, CSpan and other government channels should be covering all federal hearings publicly on these major issues, and both journalists and the electorate should be viewing and reporting from what is actually said versus the spin and hearsay our news derives from today.

Until we do most of these things, our Presidents will remain powerless to lead and our congressmen will continue to function in the shadows of corruption and misrepresentation while blaming the Executive branch for every malfunction.




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