Institutionalization of the masses


It is more clear than ever that our world and lives are being controlled by the institutions of the world.  From cradle to grave we are continually shaped by external forces around us.  Our parents and grandparents before us were also programmed…but never to the extent that we are by today’s technology age.

The various media…television, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines, billboards, and social websites…continually attempt to shape our minds and focus our attention on what “they” want us to think and feel.  We are manipulated in so many ways and it becomes increasingly complicated to maintain individual objectivity or independence of mind and spirit.

More and more we see family and friends around us regurgitating popular opinions of the day with no real knowledge or objectivity behind their views. On facebook, twitter and Google a majority of people quickly pass on hyped or fictionalized stories about the “opposition” without double-checking their veracity.  It is getting to the point of total disgust.

Schools teach students false or incomplete histories of the world and their own countries.  Religions teach hate and bigotry based on race or creeds espoused by “magical” books. Governments and court systems pass hundreds of addition laws and regulations to control economies and human behaviors. Militaries are formed around banners, flags, borders and bugles to encourage young men and women to go blindly into battles started by elderly, fat, rich statesmen and dictators. Media publicize lies as facts, and truth as lies.

The question always remains, what will we do as sovereign individuals to protect our liberties and independence? When will we stand up to invisible “authorities” who chastise us or limit us from pursuing our passions or enjoying our life? When will we begin learning to lean on our own understanding and experiences? When will we stop trusting or blindly accepting institutional limitations in our daily lives?

These are more questions than answers…but the answers truly lie within each one of us.  We are born with unlimited capacities to reach our potentials. We are born with “light” that we allow to be dimmed. We are born with open minds that we allow others to close. The answers lie within the “power of one” to NOT fall in line,  give a blind yes, or agree to sacrifice our lives for other people’s causes.

Stop being guilt-manipulated.  Stop being a passive member of “society”. Stop fitting in. Be yourself.  Lead instead of follow. Stop being marginalized and “institutionalized”.

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