Fundamental right to use Cannabis


This valuable article underpins the most basic arguments for decriminalizing growing and using Cannabis. The general citizenry does not require governmental protection from weeds that grow easily in your back yard.  We do not need multiple regulations and piles of taxes in the pursuit of using this valuable, organic, healthy plant. It obviously should be a basic constitutional right to grow any organic substance for my own use on my own property.

It is also the right of any citizen NOT to grow or use such products.

The comparison to the change in “sodomy” laws related to LGBT rights is truly one of the best comparisons of how Cannabis should be treated.  In a pluralistic society featuring freedom and justice for all, it is not the role of a constitutional government to legislate morality.  Families, cities, counties, and states are all capable of establishing societal norms for their communities without federalized prohibitions regarding sexual preferences, abortion, prostitution or the simple act of growing and using a weed for personal consumption.

It is amazing for us to consider that for hundreds of years western civilization grew just fine without the prohibition of cannabis.  How in the 1930s the USA government suddenly felt the need to extend its powers to such low levels of prohibition is simply impossible to understand. The government’s motives are well documented and those alone should be enough reason for a rational supreme court to determine these prohibitions to be unconstitutional at the federal level.

We look forward to the day where every user can grow their own product…indoors, outdoors or in a private structure…without the necessity of regulations, licenses, medical prescriptions and all the patronages that go along with constructing such a corruptive system of layers and payoffs.  This artificially drives up the price of the product for no good reason.  Simply letting us grow our own will put the cartels out of business almost immediately.  Oh…but the government doesn’t seem to want to do that. Hmmm…we wonder why?

Next thing you know, they will be eradicating dandelion weeds because of minors learning how to make good “dandelion wine”…which is much more addicting and potentially damaging to one’s health than Cannabis.

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