Abuses of Freedom…


The abuse of freedom leads to the loss of it. When the masses begin to interpret freedom as meaning “the government needs to take care of you”…this is the point at which you are no longer free. When more than half of what you produce is taxed in order to take care of those who don’t produce…you no longer live in a free system.  Freedom is NOT free.

For more than 20 years now we have seen the definition of freedom being redefined by new extremists of democratic socialism throughout the world.  This redefinition of freedom is no more clearly stated than in the current global pushback on the new USA President’s temporary moratorium on immigration from a few Muslim countries whose ideals are not the same as America’s.

All administrations going back to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have TALKED about controlling our borders and the financial and social cost of illegal immigration.  Eight years of George W Bush led to the 9/11 crisis and the “Patriot Act” that has still never been fully explained and escalated the call for more border security and immigration reform. This has led to the political polarization and lack of solidarity between our government and its people. Half the Americans seem to want isolationism and strong borders against illegal immigration and terrorists…while another half seems to think that the USA constitution protects citizens and foreigners alike and all should have free access to the benefits we have produced.

There are huge international institutions funded by foreign entities who through media manipulation and political demonstrations are enforcing the global will of the needy on the American people and its government.  While there is some truth that the current refugee crisis has been partially caused by the USA government’s ill-advised interventions in the middle east and elsewhere…that does not mean that the American people should be forced to accept large numbers of poverty stricken Muslims as immigrants.  For many of us, the days of “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” has turned into an ugly infiltration of poor, uneducated foreigners of which a high percentage believe in Sharia or other religious laws above the laws of the American constitution.  This includes over 25% of Syrian refugees interviewed who say their allegiance is to Allah and Sharia law first…their government well down the list.  Obviously, many of them are giving up their lands to their government and/or the foreign invaders (including the USA) who have displaced them…without a fight.

While any normal human being hates the sight of displaced poor people losing their homes and freedoms in their home countries…is the answer REALLY to move them to other foreign countries in Europe or the Americas where they are a significant minority in religion, culture, and race?  What happened to the concept of “fighting for your country, your freedom, your rights where you were born?”  Is it really a “right” to abandon your country of origin and force yourself upon another country and culture?  Why are you bringing your conflicts and battles over your home country and religion to other free states in Europe and the Americas?  Are you not willing to stay and fight for your home country or against tyranny?

The perceived freedoms developed through this democratic republic experiment we call the USA are on the precipice of disappearing.  In a short 250 years we have seen revolutions and a civil war in which MILLIONS died to save the land and ideals of the constitution. People in this land who did not fight along with their countrymen were often jailed or killed for not fighting their country’s battles.  Now suddenly, any person in the USA, citizen or foreigner, is deemed to have the right of “free speech” and all the other constitutional rights that were originally guaranteed only to those who pledged allegiance to the country.

Now we have foreign entities buying access and control over our governing leaders.  Our own government has opened the gates for foreign competition and exporting of jobs…while placing more and more regulations and taxes on domestic, citizen owned businesses.  Our own medias are majority owned and controlled by foreigners espousing globalism over domestic sovereignty.  “Harbor cities” are taking sides with illegal immigrants to continue support of breaking our federal laws.  Foreigners are completely taking advantage of America’s historic tolerance of difference and integration.  Many of the illegals want all the benefits of freedom our country has paid so dearly for, but they do not want to pay the price we have all paid. They now think it a “right” to come and attempt converting America to their way of life or system of beliefs.  This is NOT what we believe the constitution was designed to allow.

We have lived internationally in “foreign residence” for going on two decades.  We have never felt that any of our host countries “owed us” a place to live and the same rights as domestic citizens have.  We have had to obey THEIR laws over ours.  We have not expected equal access to local courts, social services or the right to stay indefinitely.  In every country we lived in we had to apply, pay and abide by the other country’s wishes.  We have always realized that any of these governments could ban us at any time from coming or going from their country. Yet, somehow, the USA is expected to guarantee the same rights of its citizens to all immigrants that reach our shores…especially certain ones like Cubans and Syrians.  What is this all about?

It appears high time that the USA government and responsible citizens stand up to the increasing controls of foreign ideals over our justice and civic systems.  It is about time everyone shared the same interpretation of the USA constitution…from the President to the garbage collector.

So, what remains to be seen is which factions will win the new war on American ideals and culture.  With the growing discontent between political parties, religions and various racial divides within the USA…we must have some unified understanding of what it will take to sustain and continue building America into its potential as a powerhouse of freedom and economic development without paying off the rest of the world.

From our perspective, we must take care of “home” first before delving into solving the rest of the world’s problems. It is about being careful about how we spend what little our country has left of its own GDP against the blind deficit spending and redistribution of wealth by our government. It is about being more selective about who we accept as “neighbors” and less tolerant of those who spit on our laws and controls.

Ultimately, it will destroy the America we once knew in previous generations if we continue to accept and get overrun by populations that do not share our American way of life. If there were a good benevolent global government all working under the same constitution to enforce global rights of some kind…everyone would be less dependent on an “American” model of governance.  But when you have a majority of world populations and governments who do NOT share our values and rights…then we must be more protective than ever in guarding them at home…while freely exporting those values to the “huddled masses” WHERE THEY LIVE.


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