Illegal pot sales keep growing…


Illegal Pot sales keep growing…

…despite the fact that eight states and Washington, D.C. legalized adult-use marijuana, and 28 states approved medical marijuana programs, the black market still managed to capture $46.4 billion in sales.

There is no true rationality behind today’s “War on Drugs”.  The Billions being spent on it is obviously just beneficial to the many agencies and jobs created by this “war” paid for by taxpayers…yet the results much like the other wars the USA is fighting right now are dismal at best.

While the religious right and conservatives in Government still rail against the legalization of Cannabis, the statistics prove that it is futile to prohibit a substance that so many people depend on for their health and well-being. By trying to legislate the availability and consumption of organic substances like Marijuana, the institutions are just playing into the hyper corruption that connects cartels with governments in their attempt to control access to the “forbidden drug”.

They always say “follow the money” when it comes to corruption in government. To that end, we are immediately suspicious of politicians who support continued prohibition of such substances.  There are a lot of PACs and payoffs going on from Big Pharma and the healthcare mafias to those who would continue keeping cannabis on the Shedule 1 list for no good reasons. Imagine if cannabis products were legally available anywhere in the world.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that 40-50% of other static drug sales would disappear almost overnight.  Now we understand the fear of marijuana more clearly.

In addition, with legalization, you would see a huge immediate drop in the GNPs and informal sectors of all producer countries like Mexico, Colombia, Peru and others. When everyone can grow their own 2-3 plants for sufficient personal consumption…why would anyone buy from “stores” or questionable grower sources?  Imagine the $46 Billion in black market sales going to legal and traceable entities.  What a boost it could be to local schools and social causes if those sales were taxed.

We will be watching the money behind whatever positions are taken by the new Trump administration on this “freedom” issue.  Getting federal governments out of the pot business should be a no-brainer…and clearly what the majority of Americans want.

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