Justice coming to Palestinians?


Israeli soldier held accountable for murdering unarmed Palestinian

This is a hopeful sign that pressures on the Israeli government and military to stop arbitrarily killing Palestinians or building projects in their treaty territories are having some positive effect.

We have been studying the history of Palestine and Zionism for quite some time now. The current summary of our political and moral position on this conflict is that Israel MUST deliver on previous promises to give Palestinians sovereignty over a fair amount of territory in what was formerly known as “Palestine”, or allow equal rights and citizenship within the “one state” solution.  As long as there are “barricades without borders” between the Jews and Arabs in Israel…there will never be a sustained peace in that region.

At the same time, it is not unfair for Israelis to demand their own rights for recognition as a state granted by the post-World War II powers and treaties.  Prior to the Jewish “exodus” back to Palestine and eventual takeover by the Israeli zionists, Jews and Arabs peacefully co-existed and worked together in maintaining order in Palestine.  Upon the upheaval of balance and usurping of political domination by the Zionists over the Arabs and Palestinians, we continue to have this now reverse persecution of them in what is now called the State of Israel.  Israel should be viewed as a very separate institution from the Jewish religion which generally has a very different outlook on the world than the secular State of Israel.

As in all conflicts, blame for this decades-old crisis is on both sides of the “fence”.  Claims for reparations by both sides of this conflict based on holy book histories or pre-World War boundaries are about as realistic as Native American Indians getting restoration of their lands from the 1800s in America. Yet, with the advent of globalization and pursuit of international justice, Israelis and Palestinians alike must fall under the same rules of law in all territories now under control of the Israeli state and Palestinian coalitions.

Hopefully, this latest court case and prosecution can lead to a just, peaceful co-existence and equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians alike throughout the region. This would be good economically, culturally and as an international example of how different cultures can learn to live and work together peacefully…as they once did.

We suggest interested parties read “A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” by Mark Tessler for a balanced history that if understood by all parties involved, could lead to a lasting, legal peace in Palestine/Israel.

* A free read of this book can currently be found on Google.

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