Revolt of the Electorate…


As we see candidate Donald Trump closing in on a shocking win of the USA presidency, our reaction is…”why should anyone be shocked?”

While many of us have been totally baffled that these two candidates would be the “best” each party could offer to represent “the party”…we have been saying for weeks that the slant of the polls and media towards the Clinton institutional political class has been repugnant and could very well drive more independents and centrists towards the independent “Trump” card.

Even in the waning moments tonight before anyone is willing to name Trump the winner, these same liberal media “foul-mouths” continue their ranting and disbelief at what the actual voters have chosen.  It is as if they thought their programming could brain-wash a great majority of Americans to “go along” with anointing the traditional candidate, Hillary Clinton.

We now call this election the “revolt of the electorate” as a large number of Americans have rejected the smugness, the lies, the sense of entitlement that lifelong politicos in America seem to have in running our country. The electorate is TIRED of the same old nasty politics that these dynasties have played for the past number of decades.

The establishment on all sides has to be reeling tonight…and while we don’t necessarily feel secure in knowing where this presidency will take us, deep down there is a level of satisfaction that the voters rejected the railroading of the pollsters and obviously liberal media. They have rejected the same empty promises and traditional political methods and voted for change…almost at any price. We will soon see what that price is.

While we will be watching with baited-breath what actions a President Trump will really take on so many issues he has been vague on at best, we also want to give him a chance to prove he can lead at this level of national politics. By leading, we hope it includes reaching out to all Americans; right or left, conservative, liberal or center…to deliver a solid plan that truly “makes America great again”.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this too will mean the end of the Clinton political dynasty. There were obviously too many questions and doubts about the integrity of the “Clinton Foundation” and pay for access to power.  There were too many lies, flip-flopping and coverups for Hillary Clinton to cleanly run away from.  Did she really think Americans were so gullible or forgiving…so desperate for a female president?  All the corporate, media and governmental institutions supporting her could not put Hillary back together again. She is done in politics and for many of us, we heave a sigh of relief.

If we can hope for something good out of this surprising election, let’s hope that the electorate will continue to hold this president, the congressmen, and governors elected tonight more accountable to what they have promised than in decades past.  Governance will improve if the electorate continues doing its own due diligence and thinking than simply listening to mainstream media and pollsters telling them what to do or think.

May this just be the beginning of the electorate taking control of THEIR government…”of the people, by the people and for the people”…

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