Panama Papers still a problem…


Panama Papers problem is not over…

The linked article above is the independent “Panama News” take on Panamanian President Varela’s recent trip to Germany to promote business and tourism. It seems this President just cannot get control over the fallout of the “Panama Papers” debacle.

It is obvious that the European Union is basically in a shambles based on the recent voted exit of Britain (Brexit) from the Union and so many weak links in the union that heavily rely on Germany for economic and political leadership.  All of Europe has turned left and socialist at a time when globalization, competition and disruption of so many industries based on new technologies upsets all the economic models that global socialism has been based on.

If there was ever a time that capitalist ideologies were required to bring about or keep up with change, this is it.  While governments and their controlled medias have the masses focused on “terrorists”, drug wars and political intrigues never before seen in the modern world…the main danger in all our systems is the total implosion of the economic systems we have operated under for the last century.

The total lack of attention or concern for national and personal debts of most Western nations, as recently observed in the USA electoral races, shows total disregard for the real issues that economies are based on.  Economics used to be based on free and fair trade, meaningful asset-based currencies of exchange, and taxation by representation.  Today’s world is controlled by global banking interests backing a global corporate industrial complex which controls most of the world’s politicos behind closed doors. Presidents and congressional bodies throughout the world are simply puppets of these economic controllers who manipulate all the markets, hand down all the regulations, and continue to rape and pillage the very concept of freedom and independence…physically and financially.

It has been very convenient for many of these institutions to focus so much attention on the stealing of millions of legal documents from a small country such as Panama…and then accuse that independent government and its lawyers for all the misfortunes of these socialist systems worldwide.  The desperation to control money flow throughout the world and disallow competition in taxation or industrial production is an obvious by-product required to maintain the obvious imbalances of budgets and continued economic wastes of undeclared warfare worldwide.   These imbalances and controls are what will bring the REAL war that is coming.

It is not Panama’s fault that companies and rich individuals the world over have looked for new homes for their businesses or assets.  It is not Panama’s fault that sovereignty and privacy of the individual in this world have been completely overrun by tyranny  and political expediency. For Panama to join that game, they give up all competitive advantage they had and have become another pawn in the game of the corporate elite’s global domination.

Constitutions have become meaningless in their interpretations, and the process of law has become morally bankrupt.  The corporate elite does not stand for justice or free enterprise.  Instead, they control regulations, courts, judges and whole governments to their own interests…not the interests of competition or free enterprise. They control the economy, wage scales, and who gets to borrow money to keep running toward oblivion.

In light of these realities, does it not make anyone else question how so much emphasis can be placed on some stolen papers in little Panama in which the accusers themselves admit 95+% of the entities mentioned have committed no crimes?

Where we are in agreement with the linked article is “The appearance…that (President) Varela can’t defend his or Panama’s record”.  To allow his small country and judicial system to subordinate to the liberal, anti-sovereignty pressures of global socialist organizations such as the OECD, the EU and failed systems such as France and Greece is a travesty. The so-called journalist organizations who stole and released the documents from the Panama lawfirm Mossack & Fonseca should be prosecuted and Panama should no longer be a tax collector for the bankrupt United States government or any other foreign government. To do so erodes the freedom, independence, and competitiveness of this small country of less than 4 Million people.


These and many other issues are being addressed in  “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.


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