Worthless Nobel Prizes


Besides the money gained by the awardees, it appears that receiving Nobel Prizes has become more and more a meaningless proposition. Each year they seem to be more political and controversial in their liberal bias of distribution.

Since Nobels were handed out beginning in 1901, 833 men and 48 women have been selected to receive one.  This reveals the obvious old world sexism that continues to be supported by such institutions. We all know women tend to be more “peaceful” than men.

Two of this year’s recipients recently announced were President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia for the Peace Prize, and Bob Dylan for Literature.  Santo’s award was directly in the face of a majority of his subjects who voted down his “peace at any price” agreement which is seen as an abject failure by the majority after almost 2 years of negotiation. While we respect the music of Bob Dylan, it seems obvious this award is based more on honoring a pop icon than awarding significant literature.  The whole Nobel system now seems bent on manipulating political and pop culture of the moment with no real objectivity.

A few other obvious mistakes in the history of these awards are:

President Barack Obama was awarded the Peace Prize only 9 months into office with no real political experience or history.  This seems an obvious ploy to influence or meddle in politics by this committee in Oslo. It is also ironic that since that award, the USA with Obama at the helm continues fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, backing Israel in threats against Iran and apartheid against Palestinians, and spearheading the failed invasion of Syria with the ongoing battle against ISIS.  Where is the “peace” in all these armament expenditures and support of tyranny? How hypocritical can this be?

The European Union was awarded the political prize as a political block in the face of strong opposition by international figures such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and North Irelands Mairead Maguire. The award founder, Alfred Nobel, would be rolling over in his grave if he knew of these political awards being given out in his name…especially now with so many conflicts, liberal biases, and strong arm controls that are destroying the whole institution of the EU.

The 1994 awarding of the Peace prize to the combined Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Perez for their “Oslo Peace Accords” was also an obvious mistake.  This sham of an award had no long term results, and Yasser Arafat is probably the WORST person to ever receive the prize based on his historic raping and pillaging of his Palestinian peoples for his own personal gain (can you say “Billionaire”), and almost single-handedly dooming any hope of peace in Palestine with Israel before and after this agreement was made.

If anything, it seems we should now start calling these awards the “Nobel Anti-Peace Awards”…or at least call for a total reorganization of the Nobel “committee”.  It almost makes me ashamed for being half Norwegian. Fortunately, we have many other positive attributes.

EJ Rolfstad

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